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How did your journey with EVs start? What made you make the switch to electric? And if you haven’t yet, what’s holding you back? Tell us your story.

Hey. I’m Kev. I’ve been using evezy for the last 5 or 6 months. Very excited to see what updates are around the corner :heart_eyes:


Hi @Kev , welcome! That’s great to hear. What car have you been driving and how are you getting on with it? Would love to know more.

Hello I’m Adam, had a Tesla Model 3 SR+ since August. Really enjoying it, struggling to stick to my mileage though as it’s so nice to drive!


Hello I’m Dave. Tried an i3 back in August for a month, OK but not what we require. Really want an i-Pace but that wasnt going to happen anytime soon, so decided to get a Tesla M3P back in Sept and still waiting, but looks like it might arrive Mar2020. Looking forward to ditching one of our diesels :slight_smile:


I’m driving the amazing i3. I’m loving it as a run around / school run car, sadly 1000 miles isn’t enough for me and I can’t wait to hear about the new mileage packs.

We are a family of 6 and would love to get rid of the ICE but sadly there isn’t anything that evezy has for the larger families.

Making the most of it at the moment and I really do like the acceleration and just how effortlessly it drives.

The only downside if I had to give one would be the drastic reduction in range due to the weather.


I’ve had an i3 since last April - it seems I got in just in time before word got around and the waiting lists began to grow!

Love the car, my first EV, and have had zero major problems or issues so far (touch wood) either with EVEZY, the app, the car, or with driving an EV in general.

Would love a Model 3 but couldn’t justify the extra over the i3 given my usage, even with the original price, so I’ll be sticking with the i3 for now…but keen to see what other cars become available and if the pricing is competitive with the i3 original price!


I’m… Alasdair. I’ve been wanting an EV since before Tesla released the Model S in 2012, and avidly follow EV news every day.

When I met Evezy at Fully Charged Live last June, it was finally the affordable option for getting me into an EV, because the cost of a new car was always too high, and this model is really flexible.

I took a Zoe ZE40 and love it. Best car I’ve driven (of my own). I’ve had “nicer” cars, but driving an EV is just so quiet, smooth and relaxing. I usually go over my 1000 miles each month, but it’s fine. It’s still a bargain. Thank you Evezy, and hi everyone!


Hi! I’m Steve and have been driving a Zoe since early December and I’m so far very happy with my decision to go fully electric. No major issues just a Bluetooth blip connecting to car that was promptly rectified over the phone. Looking forward to hearing more about new cars and the ability to switch out and into another car without too long a wait. Keep up the good work!


Hi, am Vusi I enjoy driving my i3, it’s everything I need from BMW. Sadly I can’t keep up with 1000 miles, always go over each month. Can’t wait for the new mileage packs.


Hi Lily,
I am Maz. I am with Evezy for some time now and love the arrangement you have. I subscribed for the Ionic but went for the Zoe and I am loving it.
I use the car for commuting and local travel around town. The 1000 miles suits me well, as long drive holidays are still done in the ICE (shame on me).
I am recommending you to all my friends if they want to dip their toes in EV, I can’t imaging them ever going back to ICE once they tried EV.
Even my very modest Zoe can accelerate quicker from 0-30 than many high volume ICE cars.
Good to see you have an option now to reduce the excess mileage I likely will take that up.
Charging-wise I am lucky: home charging and in a week also work charging after I lobbied for 2 years.
Keep it up!


I’m David and have been enjoying my TM3 very much since Oct’19. I don’t have a charger at home but I do at one of my work sites so absolutely no problem in keeping topped up. I gave the car a run out over the new year on a road trip to Cornwall which was exhilarating. Very excited to hear the continent may be opening up to us soon, roaming across Europe will be glorious.


Hi I’m Bobby and live in Central Scotland and have been driving an Evezy i3 for 6 months and a Zoe for a couple before that. Before Evezy came along I had a 94Ah i3 from another company so been driving EV for about a year.

I’m committed to make as many of my regular journeys as possible zero emission and have a PodPoint home charger installed using Octopus Go and it’s saving me a fortune.

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Hi i’m James. Had a Tesla Model 3 since September 2019.

Great car and experience so far!
Was new to EV. Installed a podpoint (self purchased and installed by friendly electrician). Using Octopus Agile to charge at night! Its an incredible experience and i recommend it to everyone interested.

Excited by the recent update of salary sacrifice and European travel!


Hello, Jack here,
We’ve been driving electric for about 4 years. Had a nissan leaf, which we loved and wanted to upgrade. However, now spending big hunks of time in US where grandkids are, so it doesn’t make sense for us to own a car full-time that is sitting doing nothing for weeks/months (and on which we are making payments/insurance on). We came across EVezy last spring and were absolutely delighted to find such a brilliant company. Having said that, we’ve run into problems getting another car (which has been addressed recently… you guys are the victims of your own brilliant success!!). As you add more cars to your fleet and as the company grows, we are already seeing how you are getting past the teething stage and working to make improvements to your incredible company. Keep up the good work. We need you!!


hey Every team great to join the community - its the first time I’ve had an electric car and its wonderful - I have an I3 but not sure how to open the bonnet? is there something on the app (I can’t see anything obvious), ps what does the “feature” button do?


I’m sure @BillN will be able to answer this question for you.

Hi there, I’m not part of the Evezy team, but can tell you the bonnet is opened using the feature button. But… it doesn’t always work first time. (There’s a some technical limitation I think that Evezy are already aware of). For me at least, it always releases eventually after 2 or 3 presses of the feature button. Sometimes it can help to disconnect the app from the car, and reconnect. Or lock and unlock and then press feature again. One it has released, the bonnet will lift slightly, then feel underneath the edge just to the left of the BMW badge and there is a lever to raise to enable the bonnet to be opened fully.

Failing all this, there is a manual release pull wire inside the cabin. I think it’s on the passenger side front door jam (or near there), behind a small panel that pops out. (I’ve never resorted to using that though - so probably best to check the manual for that).

Hope that helps!


You should be an honorary member, with the unequalled knowledge you have of the i3 :wink:


thank both I will try first thing