Interesting Development from Tesla on access for additional drivers

I wonder if this might be a way to allow tesla users to access the app?

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That’s really intended for those customers who purchase or lease.
With regards to Evezy and other fleets it’s not yet something Tesla have available.
See this comment from last year (8 months ago) from Evezy…

Tesla App

There’s been quite a few questions around why we don’t just give access to the Tesla App.

Essentially, Tesla do not support fleets at the moment. We don’t get an option on the Tesla App to separate our vehicles into different accounts. This means that our login to the Tesla App has access to ALL our Tesla vehicles. Therefore, we have no way of giving you access to just your vehicle, and if we gave you logins to the Tesla App you would have access to our whole fleet. We hope you can understand why we can’t do this.

However, we have discussed this with Tesla and they responded that they are working on a fleet solution to remedy this. They have not given us a time-frame or any reassurance that it’s something they will definitely offer, but we will keep you updated if we hear of any developments.

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Hi thanks, yes had seen that. Did wonder if it might allow a car to be specified also. The blog mentions “…you allow the additional driver access to use the Tesla app to unlock, track location and control settings” on the specified vehicle" so it does look like it could be specified to a particular vehicle on the fleet. e.g.


Think you will need access to the app in the first place, which currently is not available for fleets. But it’s progress so maybe coming soon. Along with a Tesla facility in Bristol if rumours are true.

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When evezy roll out handsfree unlock, what will the Tesla App offer that the evezy App still doesn’t?

It would be nice to be able to unlock the cable from the app so that i didn’t have to go in and out of the car when coming back to it at a charger.

Yer, that handsfree unlock will be great.

I can’t seem to find a definitive list of all the things in the tesla app. It’s possible not all are available to the UK. From what I have seen it think the answer would be:

  • Send a route to nav
  • Find Superchargers pick one navigate to.
  • Turn on\off sentry mode
  • Set daily\trip for charging.
  • Summon\smart summon (though that is limited in the UK)
  • Phone as key
  • Open trunk, frunk, charge port, vent windows
  • All the climate functions inc turn on seat warmers
  • Turn on speed limiter
  • Media controls
  • View mileage
  • Valet mode
  • Notifications

Routes and sentry would be v useful.
Apart from that, it looks like a nice slick app. How can I put this, the other app isn’t all that reliable for me…
Though it’s not a moan though. I’m very happy with the whole evezy deal!

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Yes opening the frunk would be useful as would access to the speed limiter. So far the Every app has performed faultlessly for me.


nothing againts the evezy app, but it would still be a different experience using the actual tesla App in my opinion


@valec Like Tesla, evezy are regularly improving their software and hardware. So things will only improve over time. Look how long it’s taken Tesla to get their app to where it is today.

I’m waiting for the Handsfree Unlock device to arrive by courier and will be testing it out over the coming weeks. Let’s hope it proves to be a step in the right direction. I’ll report my findings.