Insurance4carhire - Utterly diabolical claims tactics!

Insurance4carhire - Utterly diabolical claims tactics!

Months spent trying to get this bunch to honour the contract - every evasion tactic imaginable!

I sent around a dozen copied documents months ago as the ridiculous level of ‘evidence’ requested by their phone representative…it would subsequently appear however that this was insufficient to cover the minor paint scratch and lost key…!

New fabricated ‘evidence’ was then added at every juncture, so I made a formal complaint…then it became even more hopeless…

They got my name wrong on numerous occasions
Their correspondence is grammatically lacking, potentially causing confusion / misunderstanding
They refuse to believe Onto, even when evidence is as formal as receipted invoices
I then called in Onto Snr Management to triple confirm that scratch and Fob had been paid by me in full
Insurer then starts bleating on about any other issue (many) in order to wind up the customer (its clearly deliberate…or worse, they are trying to breach the contract)
Latest, after onto have also confirmed all…they come up with things like…‘how did scratch happen’…then…I kid you not…‘how did you lose the Fob?’

Would u ever deal with such a company?

They wont accept my documented evidence and whenever Onto confirm anything…they come up with some other idiotic question!!

The ‘Complaints Manager’ I am dealing with is Frances Arianne Tortal at AIG -

Complain to insurance ombudsman

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A scratch and lost fob - c 10 sheets of supporting docs and months tryin to get money back plus ontos support - crooks!?

Latest moronic question, months down line
“How did u lose fob”

U can’t make it up…

My Hyundai has a fob that likes to detach itself even in the new Hyundai it does the same shocking!

Refusing to process as originally agreed or pass to manager
“Adjuster” just adds further inane demands every few weeks…

and still the ‘loss adjuster’ and tele support staff lie about passing this official complaint to management to be resolved without further deliberate delaying tactics…yet more irrelevant pointless queries…its just a paint scratch and lost fob!! - I paid for it already., I just want it refunded as agreed under insurance policy - ,settlements within 3 days’ – …lost track of how long I have been out c £700…months…

Makes you wonder if AIG pay out under any of their policies - I certainly wouldnt trust them with any future business after this

You need to complain as per post from @Jimmi1 above. Should get settled then.
AIG have provided prompt settlement for everyone else.

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