Insurance4carhire - Need advice please

I need some advice from anyone who has successfully claimed with insurance4carhire.

I received £432 refund for the cyclist collision damage on the Peugeot e-208 but I4CH replied with the following when I asked about the £1k insurance excess refund;

We are a reimbursement policy type but we only cover damage related charges. You could reach out to the rental company for the latter (onto).

I thought they would refund everything I paid to Onto, £1k insurance excess plus £432 for the damage, of which the latter was refunded today.

Any advice please?

Was the total damage for £432 or £1432? You would usually pay the full excess until the total damage has been calculated. Then Onto should give you the remainder of the excess back if the damage is less than £1000.

Isn’t that how it works?

Just checked the invoice for the £1k excess which covered the damage to the driver door mirror and exterior body totalling £757 excluding VAT or £1k including VAT.

The total damage was £432 including VAT for x4 alloy wheel kerb damage, as this wasn’t part of the insurance claim for the cyclist collision.

It’s confusing as I thought I4CH would cover everything, but if you’re saying Onto should refund the £1k excess, so far they’ve kept quiet about this.

They’ll only refund the difference if the damage was less than £1k, which is sounds like it isn’t. In that case I’d expect your insurance4carhire to cover the full amount you are out of pocket.

I’m not familiar with how it works though, someone else may know more.

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Your first paragraph makes sense and I agree. This has dragged out for 3 months and I’m at boiling point, mostly because Onto were saying they didn’t have my email communication in their system when I clearly had evidence that I sent emails.

Some very odd stuff going on. Thanks for your help so far. Will update back when I get this resolved.


You need to raise another claim for the Insurance Excess as they are 2 incidents in the eyes of I4CH…

Just make sure your make it clear to them that its 2 claims, as one is for an accident and one is for damage on return.


Agh didn’t know that! Thanks for your help :+1:t3:

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Agree 100% with @mozzauk reply.:older_man:

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As soon as the cyclist collision happened in late May 2022, I notified Onto and they said to expect to pay the £1k insurance excess on 1st June 2022, that was completed.

Then, I decided to return the car for good and stop the subscription. 1 month later I received the damage report for the accident, in addition to that, an invoice for the extra £1k to cover the 4 alloy wheel kerb damage which wasn’t covered by the £1k insurance excess (I knew that). However, the cost of repair to the 4 alloys totalled £432 including VAT. Onto apologised for trying to charge me £1k extra instead of just £432.

In conclusion;

Paid £1,000 excess for the insurance claim related to the cyclist collision. Onto said the full amount covered the damages.

Paid £432 Inc VAT for the 4 alloy wheel kerb damage (separate to the accident claim).

My thinking is, I4CH should refund the £1,000 excess as Onto might not refund it due to the whole amount covering the accident repair cost.

So why is I4CH saying they only do damage related claims? Why do they mention ‘excess insurance cover’ on all their pages?

I sent them an email this morning regarding all of this. Will update here when they reply.

You need two claims with I4CH.

One for £1000 (collision) and one for £432 (wheels).

If Onto have taken 2 x £1000 they should refund you £568 from the wheels, if they haven’t already done so, as far as I can see it.


Thank you, this was very helpful! Thought it could be done in one claim :man_facepalming:t2: Love this forum even though I don’t have a subscription anymore.


It’s alright, I’m actually with the competition but nobody’s booted me out (yet)

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Same here.:older_man:

Alloy damage seems to be grey area. Onto assured me on the community forum that alloys would not be subject to excess as the onto hire policy doesn’t cover tyre or alloy damage so you should’ve only been charged cost of repairs for alloy rather than excess. In anycase I4Chire should cover mirror and alloys just raise another claim. Only frustrating thing is that I4CH will only reimburse final cost of repair which can take months to be finalised by Onto so need to set aside a few thousand incase of multiple claims (excess charges) like this, that you can afford to be tied up with Onto for months, until final costs come in and subsequently reimbursed by i4ch. On the plus side my experience of i4ch has been excellent and its great that we have such an option


Sorry to jump on but I was enquiring about the excess insurance from Insurance4carhire and they said they don’t do it for Onto cars and they consider them a leasing company. Could anyone advise please if it’s true or I should contact them again or any other insurance companies that do this? Thank you

I4CH is the only option that reliably pays out. Contacting them again isn’t wise as the more that people ask the more likely they are to change. You’re best off just reading the terms and conditions, making sure that nothing has changed to say that subscriptions are excluded and that it’s all suitable for your needs and just going for it if so.

If you’re not comfortable with that sort of risk then Onto’s excess reduction will probably be better for you. It means you’re still liable for £350 but at least it’s better than £1000. If you haven’t already taken that, you will have to swap cars to add it however (£49.50)


I agree with Koda.

However, I4CH have so far ignored my request for the refund of the £1,000 excess. Even though they said I need to submit another claim.

A couple of issues here, the initial submitted claim was for the collision damage but I included the alloy wheel cost of £432, I thought I could include 2 claims in one. I4CH didn’t make me aware of this until the alloy wheel costs were refunded. As the policy has now expired, I’m unable to submit a new claim as the original claim is still in processing mode and even if I could submit another claim, the initial claim includes everything that the new claim requires.

I4CH emailed me a few days ago after I resent all the evidence, invoices, receipts etc for the £1,000 excess. Their reply seemed like it was copy pasted from a recent email by staring that the alloy wheel repair cost of £432 was successfully refunded. They didn’t mention anything regarding the £1,000 excess claim.

It’s been 7 days since and I’m going to wait another 7 days before starting the complaint process.

What’s the point in offering excess cover if you don’t keep to your word!?

I just don’t see why I4CH say they don’t insure Onto cars if people on here are claiming. I don’t want to pay extra £200-300£ a year for excess insurance reduction through Onto as this it’s not financially viable then to be paying for subscription + this insurance that I will hopefully never need to use. On the other hand I don’t want to sign up with I4CH if they clearly say they don’t insure Onto cars and hope that they’ll pay out then because if not I would be paying for nothing. Is there are other company that definitely do offer excess insurance for Onto cars?

None that anybody knows of.
Trouble is people keep asking as Koda said above….

Contacting them isn’t wise as the more that people ask the more likely they are to change.
Any service rep is more than likely to not know the true answer and the use of various words like ‘subscription’ proffered by an enquirer will mean they will say no it’s not covered.

It’s a low cost option and has been successful for many who have had to claim.
It’s underwritten by AIG


Finally received an email reply from AIG (I4CH). The lady dealing with my claim was confused about the £1,000 excess claim and asked if it was for the collision on 26/05/2022. This is because I used the same date for the alloy wheel damage because that was the last day I drove the car (returned it a few days later). So, that was 2 claims kind of submitted as one, which confused everyone.

I don’t need to submit another claim form (thank god for that, the online form was too buggy and wouldn’t submit info properly).

I’m positive they will pay out this week or next.

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