Insurance4carhire claim

Hi just wondering how quick they are and nit picky as just put a claim in for £470 :roll_eyes:

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I know a subscriber who claimed the full excess of £1k and it was paid without issue.

If I remember correctly there is a maximum claim of £6k per annum. A part from that you can make multiple claims during the year up to that figure.


Let’s hope it’s not too long to payout then

Many have said that once they’ve got all the correct paperwork, it takes 3 days or so.

That’s good,the great thing with onto is all the invoices and reports etc are easily available on the site

I think I might currently have the record of shortest time. Submitted a claim just after 9:30AM. Money in the bank account just before 3PM The same day.

They are super easy to deal with. Their staff are friendly and helpful and unlike other insurance companies don’t try to put loads of obstacles in the way. If you can get as much information and documentation as possible in the initial claim it should sail through validation and pay out quickly.

Honestly getting money from them was so easy. It was actually a little more difficult when it came to me reimbursing them the money I claimed after finally having the chance to speak with someone at ONTO To look again at my case and ultimately drop the damage charges.


Apologies for bumping an old thread. Recently had an accident unfortunately and putting a claim in with insurance4carhire for the £1000 excess. They have asked for:

-A copy of the damage report with damage description
-A copy of the damage invoice with breakdown
-Photos of the damage on rental vehicle

I spoke to someone in customer service today that said they wouldn’t have these documents and I should ask I4CH to contact the insurance company to get these themselves. I asked for the direct number of the insurance company but customer services said they don’t have this.

Is this something someone else has had to provide at all? Where and how did you get these documents?

Thanks in advance

@BenR_at_Onto Would you be able to help with this at all?

Following as I will need this for my claim.

Morning @Q4_addict ,

Unfortunately, this isn’t something I could help as it looks like an insurance event.

I would recommend calling our CS team, with a follow-up email to [email protected] requesting the details and they should respond to you within a day or two!

Sorry about this.

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Hey @BenR_at_Onto

What about my circumstance where I had a damage report when returning a car.

I would like to claim this back but will likely require all the reports from the damages team.

Hi @MisterOaks ,

If this has been repaired by one of our repair sites, you can request all the details for [email protected]

Hope this helps :grin:


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