Insurance on the car

I would like to understand what the most people have done with the insurance of the car. I want to be sure that I am fully insurance if I scratch a wheel or small scratch on the side of the car without paying the 1000 pound that Onto requires.

I really looking your feedback as I want to be sure what is the best was to do this before I go ahead and order a car from onto.


Welcome to the forums! What car are you currently thinking of getting from them?

Check out Insurance4CarHire’s excess policy. You would still have to pay the amount that ONTO Invoice you for damage or insurance claims, but you should then be able to claim it back.

That’s what many of us here have went for. Alternatively ONTO Themselves are apparently working on bringing back their own excess reduction scheme in future, but this will likely be a fair bit more expensive than the I4CH Policy.

Obviously you should check the terms carefully to make sure that it is suitable for your needs, but I personally have this policy and no complaints to speak of from my end.

PS. It’s worth noting that the £1000 is the MAXIMUM Excess, should it go via insurance. Your maximum liability (should you otherwise be eligible to claim on the insurance policy) would be that amount. Of course if it’s just a small scratch to your alloy wheel then you would only be charged the much smaller cost involved to correct this, rather than an insurance claim going in. They also have a fair wear and tear policy, so smaller everyday marks may not even be chargeable at all.

Interesting. I am a new user and I hope I never ever need this, but where can I find insurance details should they be necessary?

I’ve covered myself with insurance 4 car hire £50 for the year

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@Pinky_Ponk that’s a great idea!!

Thanks for the response. The car I am thinking on is the Zoe ZE 50 and the idea is to only use the zoe for town driving. I will not drive at all in the motorway as I have a good milage in my C class.

I have checked there homepage it says the following thing:

  • Cover for rentals of up to 60 consecutive days

My idea is to keep the car more than 60 days so how are you guys solve this after 60 days.

You gett a new rental agreement every single month with ONTO. So you will never have a single rental more than 31 days in length.

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Despite the car hire excess insurance, you will still need £1000 available just in case major damage happens due to a collision. In this case, ONTO will take that money until fault has been apportioned. As long as they get the cost of repairs from another party, your £1k will be refunded. This can, in some cases take a couple of months. If you are deemed responsible, then that excess will go towards repairs. Once they’ve issued you with the paperwork you can then reclaim it off your excess insurance policy if you have one.