Insurance excess!


I unfortunately had a small collision with another car (I was stationary… so I would say it is not my fault - going through insurance etc…) I have got the £1000 excess charge. I understand it, and I know it is in the contract (luckily I also took out some hire car insurance, hoping it will pay out if the other party’s insurance doesn’t).

My question is this though, the damage was minor, a scratch and chipped paint. If I failed to report it (this is purely hypothetical as I have) am I right in saying that my only liability over the hire period would be £1000. Have I become a victim of being too honest, as when I hand the car back, would I potentially have to pay up to £1000 for any other damage?

I hope my wittering makes some sense…

It’s always good to report damage. If it’s minor, then usually ONTO just leave it until you hand the vehicle back, and charge you for any repairs at that point.

If the damage is more serious, or caused by a third party, they may decide to get their insurance company involved and get the damage repaired immediately. Until they know the cost of repair and whether they can successfully get this from a third party, they will take the £1000.

If they get the cost from the third party, or the repair costs are less than £1000, you will be reimbursed the whole or part of the excess as appropriate. You can then claim any out of pocket expenses from a Car Hire Excess Insurance policy that you may have.

I think as you are going through insurance then you have to tell them. I’m sure there’s something in the contract relating to notifying ONTO about damage resulting from an accident.

If you’d scuffed the car on your own drive for example then I could see your point that you maybe would just let it all be dealt with at the time of returning the car. Either way, you’d be out of pocket for the damage until the excess insurance pays out.

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