Insurance claim and excess

I was involved in a minor collision. I have been charged the £1,000 excess and I am waiting for the garage to confirm that they have a courtesy car and carry out the reapir - they have advised that this may take a few weeks

My questions are as follows:

  1. When do i need to notify insurnace4carhire? At this stage I obviously dont know the extent of any claim
  2. When ONTO insurers settle my repair and possibly the repair of the third party will they notify me how much of my £1,000 that they are keeping
  3. Will ONTO or their insurers provide me with sufficient paperwork to claim from i4ch?
  4. Are ONTO or their insurers efficient at dealing with this or do they need to be chased?

Any advice much appreciated

1, you need to deal with that company at the end of the claim. Purely because you will not have all the relevant paperwork required by them to process the claim. In regards to repair invoices etc

  1. Yes they should inform you once the process is complete

3.I’m 7 weeks after my accident currently and still non the wiser where we are at with then process . They say upto 12weeks , but FMG are still waiting on a wing mirror .
So you could be in it for the long haul, I’ve put the £1000 onto a non interest credit card and left it be. Once I get any money back, I’ll pay that off

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I had a similar issue, where someone drove into my parked car and broke the charging flap. From memory it took about a month for the garage to fix it, but the insurance4carhire claim was settled in a matter of hours, no questions asked! From memory the repairs came to £950ish, and actually insurance4carhire just refunded the full £1K, so actually I was £50 up at the end of the day!

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Ok great. Did onto or the insurers provide you with the relevant paperwork to claim?

ONTO and FMG may give you paperwork when the vehicle is returned showing repairs have been completed. You’ll then need a copy of the statement showing you have paid the invoice. Don’t forget to claim what the repairs actually cost you, so £1k excess less anything ONTO reimburse you in the event that it didn’t cost the full £1000.

Interesting how many repairs seem to cost between £900 and £999 to fix :thinking:


I don’t think I had to chase any documents, so I am guessing the invoice I got through was enough for my case.

Yes @E7EV very odd how so many repairs end up in that range!

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I’ll be interested what comes back from FMG or Onto in my case. As FMG have already quoted £290 over the phone to me . So will be interesting

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Similar issue, only we were told by FMG that they couldn’t tell us the cost of the repair as they could only left the insurer that was paying them know the cost. In our case, it would have been Zurich Insurance and not insurance4carhire. We have not been made aware of the final cost and are not holding our breath that we will get any of the £1k excess money that we paid already back. Since handing the car over to FMG for repairs, we have not heard anything from Zurich insurance or ONTO…until yesterday.

We handed over our car to FMG on 21st of FEB. Ended our lease and gave up the courtesy car from FMG on the 2nd of March. On 12th of APRIL, we get an email out of the blue from ONTO damages team that we are being charged £371 for damages that were only discovered on the 12th of APRIL inspection report. That’s 50 days AFTER the car was no longer in our possession. Plus the car has been driven at least 50+ miles from FMG repair center to where it was returned to ONTO in Kent.

And ONTO is saying that it’s OUR responsibility to prove that the vehicle was not damaged when we handed it over to FMG.

NOTE for everyone else to make sure you document EVERYTHING and hold on to your documents even after giving back your ONTO car.