Instavolt support

Parked up at the Esso garage round the corner from my house to top up before a long commute in the morning, to find the only available charging point not working.

It recognised me plugging in but the contactless sensor wasn’t recognising my card. I tried a bank card instead of the Onto card with no joy either so I rang Instavolt support.

They were very friendly and helpful, rebooted the charging point remotely, and after he talked me through using it in a different order to the one the machine says it worked perfectly.

So now I’m sat charging trying to resist popping in to the garage to buy chocolate.

10 out of 10.


What chocolate did u end up getting then?:joy:


Still holding out.

For now…


That wont last, i usually go for a coffee…

InstaVolt support is excellent to be fair, and usually you are on the phone less than 5 minutes in my experience


There’s a Tesco just round the corner, I suspect I’ll end up doing some shopping while it charges in future.

Managed to avoid chocolate!

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