Instavolt Stopped Charging e-2008

Had an issue this morning where I was following all the instructions on the machine (and app, I tried both) but when I plugged my Peugeot e-2008 in, it said ‘stopping, please wait a moment…’ then gave an stop code error of 300d on the screen.

Does anyone know what this means?! Had a bit of squeaky bum time getting home!


Can you share the location of this charger please? Means we can check history from other users to see if there’s a similar experience for others.

Did you happen to try the other charger? Instavolt usually install in groups of 2 or more per location.

I have manuals handy for some charger models but not all. Looking at their most common model of charger that Instavolt install, 300d isn’t a valid error code. If I can establish what charger it is specifically I might be able to find out what it means for you.

Have you recently been able to rapid charge anywhere else successfully?

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So this charger was in Newmarket, Cambridgeshire at the McDonalds car park. I tried both chargers and had the same issue on both, and I tried multiple times to get it to work but no luck.

Hmmm, interesting it’s not a valid code! I wonder if it’s a car issue? It’s the first time I’ve used a rapid charger so unfortunately have no comparison, but using 7 and 22kW chargers have been fine with no problems.

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Just checked. It’s one of the brand new BYD Chargers that Instavolt have only recently started to install. I unfortunately have no experience with these, nor do I have the paperwork for them.

Looking at other users experiences here on Zap Map it seems you’re not the only one to have this experience. Although they have recently been used successfully to charge a Nissan LEAF Using the CHAdeMO connector rather than the CCS that your car uses.

I am going to assume charger issue rather than car issue. But it would be great if you could swing by another rapid charger sometime to make sure. The Electric Highway charger at the motorway services nearby is apparently working fine on CCS and as an added bonus appears to be free to use right now.


Thanks for the info! Glad it’s not just me having issues! I’m hoping to swing by The Hive Leisure Centre in Ely this evening to try that one so will see what happens! Will report back later :slight_smile:


These are Tritium chargers which have a good track record for reliability, although only 50kW max. Let us know how it goes. And if you get any error message give me a shout since I have a list of error codes for these ones.

Only thing I’ll say with these chargers is to scan your card before you plug in. With most other chargers you can get away with plugging in THEN tapping your card, but not these ones. It tends to get confused and make you start over.

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I’m really not a fan of those new BYD chargers Instavolt are installing. Slow, unresponsive UI, hit and miss authorisation, unreliable charging speeds and it seems priority has been given to digital signage and advertising real-estate over basic functionality. I really hope subsequent software updates will improve the experience.

Admittedly, that opinion is formed from a single pair of these chargers, but it’s certainly not the simple, intuitive experience I’d come to expect with Instavolt’s Tritium and Chargepoint installations.


Had a similar issue at the same charging station at Newmarket on Tuesday 4th with the RH of the two machines, charge stopped not long after I got the charge started. Oddly a leaf was happily charging on the LH machine with no problems so I put it down to ‘one of those things’.

Second other posters comments about these new machines being slow and unresponsive, especially compared to say the Ionity machines

I’m heading back along the A14 tomorrow, time permitting I’ll drop in again and see if they’re still misbehaving

Just an update, I didn’t need to go to the Leisure Centre as it turns out the Tesco has a 50kW Podpoint Tritium station with CCS and CHAdeMO which is also free to use alongside the other stations! So a successful first big charge, for free, whilst doing a boring weekly shop… Winner!

I have noted on ZapMap and PlugShare that this one is there, as when I looked it didn’t show up on any apps. I’ve also sent an update request to PodPoint to have the location updated (although it may be better to keep it secret I suppose! Haha).


That’s interesting. I knew that the 7kW and 22kW charging points were free at Tesco, but thought that you had to pay for the 50kW ones. Are you sure that this is permanent and does it apply to all Tesco sites?


Definitely not the case in Banbury. The 50kW charger is chargeable, not foc.

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I’m not sure if it’s going to be permanent at this particular Tesco, or if it’s just a machine fault, but the card reader does nothing when you wave a card over it, and it starts to charge straight away once you push the start button with no issues. With the lack of PodPoint app info due to the point not being on it, I can’t confirm whether it should be charging a few or not! But at the moment it’s free and I’m definitely taking advantage of it!

Not sure if this makes any difference, but it’s Podpoint with a big VW logo on it as well as the Tesco logo. I noticed when I was there shopping the other day.


Sounds like it’s brand new and just been commissioned.
Most chargers are free for a week or two when first turned on, so make the most of it. :+1::partying_face:

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