Instavolt new card disabled

I’ve just tried to use my Instavolt card for the first to get charge and it wouldn’t work. Phoned Instavolt and the card has been disabled. Again, this is a brand new car, susbscription started just 10 days ago. can you help me get a new card and also make sure I get refunded for the costs please? Can you also check my Shell card to see if it works? Cos that’s 2 of my cards that haven’t worked.


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Best thing to do is call customer services, as @Hena_at_Onto is not always on the forum, and they can then order new cards if they are needed…

They can also sort out any refunds, (make sure you have reciepts or bank / cc statements showing the charging costs).


Thanks @mozzauk. Sadly I had the same issue with my new BP Pulse card last week which was expired. I called customer services, they said they’d sort it but didn’t. Called again, was told the original person hadn’t done it right but they’d fix it. In the end managed to get a new card in the post to me. Still not got it yet, but there’s strikes and it’s busy Christmas post time. But I do have the number of the new card so can get charge by phoning BP Pulse.

I’ve spoken to Onto customer service via online chat twice now to request a new Instavolt card and to be emailed a tracking number and the new card number. I’ve received nothing. @Hena_at_Onto please can you help? You were the only person who actually did what they promised and got me a new BP pulse card.

Bare in mind if its coming by Royal Fail, they are on Strike again, and when they finally return to work, it will be days for any stuck mail to arrive with people…

Be better if they gave the option at cost (to the customer) for it to be sent by UPS or DPD…

Just keep track and the bills for any charging you have to pay for and Onto should reimburse you.


See if you can get the card number from ONTO and you can call Instavolt from the charger to get them to remotely activate it for you.

A bit of a mess on but less than trying to claim your money back.


I had similar with a BP card a month or so ago. The card wasn’t working at the charger, called BP and gave them the card ID and they reactiviated it.

Not sure how that’s going to change once InstaVolt cards start to be a subscription.


I still dream we’ll miraculously and suddenly wake up one day and find we can get Plug’n’Charge….

I’ve said it before, but Onto, if you’re listening, I’ll be a Guinea pig :joy:

I was looking at Plug n’ Charge and couldn’t see InstaVolt support but Shell Recharge seems to be supported.

Regardless would be great having that technology, no more cards would be great.

Hi @Davey2323 hope you’ve been well! Sorry to hear you’re having issues with your other charge cards. I’ll be sending you an update shortly to let you know what’s happening and what we can do in the meantime :grin:


Hi @Hena_at_Onto any update on the Instavolt charge card?


Hena has left OntO, your best bet is going to be contacting Customer Services I have would guess

You need to flag one of the Onto forum newbies…

@Amy_at_Onto @Prabh_at_Onto @Charleigh_at_Onto

Hi @Davey2323 I just looked at the case and can see that we sent you an email that the card is showing as active on our side. It might be an issue with the instavolt terminal point (i.e not card related but with that charge point), if that is the case then give Instavolt a call when you are at the charge point and they can remotely start the charge. Let me know if you have any ongoing issues.

@mozzauk oh wow that was sudden. Thank you for letting me know.
Sadly I’ve contacted customer services several times and still have no update on the instavolt card. And I’ve decided to return my Onto car at the end of January.

@Adam_at_Onto thanks for your reply. I called instavolt from the charging terminal and they told me the card has been disabled and that’s why it wouldn’t work. That was on the 10th December.
I haven’t received any emails from Onto advising that the card had been reactivated or is still active, or with any other info about the instavolt card or my contact with customer services. I’ve checked my spam folder and there’s no emails there. Despite contacting customer services via online chat several times I received no info about the Instavolt card or the BP Pulse card. The only time I’ve had any successful response has been from Hena via this forum.

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Sad to hear you are having so much issue with charging cards. Do hope @Adam_at_Onto gets some new ones to you via a courier before Xmas.

Hi @Davey2323 I just sent you an email (please let me know if you don’t get it, we are using the email that is on your Onto account), our system is showing we sent you a replacement BP charge card and it was signed for on the 13th December. You should also have had two emails from us on the 1st December confirming the actions we were taking. Happy to investigate further if you haven’t had the replacement card or the emails.

Hi @Adam_at_Onto thanks for your email which I replied to.
I received no emails from Onto on 1st December, but if I did they would’ve been about the expired BP Pulse card (which has now been rectified as of 13th Dec), not the Instavolt card as I didn’t find out that it was disabled until 10th December. And as I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve received no emails about the Instavolt card until your email today.