Instavolt Card Not Working at stations

Hi is anyone having issues with the instavolt charging card not working?

It comes up with ‘not authorized’ whenever i am scanning this.

Have you tried it at other Instavolt charging stations and does it work there?
Best to call instavolt and see if they can remote start a charge and also tell if anything is wrong with the card.
Also try the card several times.

InstaVolt Customer Services are great guys - one of the better CPOs to ring and check it out.

Whereabouts are you trying to use it? Is the unit otherwise looking like it’s functioning? etc

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Yes, having this issue in Birmingham and Instavolt are unable to remote start the charge for some reason. They have always done so before. Very annoying as all other chargers are either out of order or very slow. Have reported to to raise as Instavolt say they don’t know if the issue is with them or the account.

Hope they resolve fast.

Working today… Thankfully!

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Hi @Harryfaiz92 thanks for flagging the issue and apologies for the inconvenience, there was an issue and this was resolved yesterday at 1000. If you continue to get issues appreciate if you could let us know.