InstaVolt - Card Not Recognised

Well that was fun. went to charge whilst fetching lunch as back at work (boooo) and the InstaVolts at Fox Valley wouldn’t accept my RFID Card, just kept saying “Card Not Recognised”

Tried to ring InstaVolt and no answer after 15minutes and 10 minutes respectively, first time no one has answered the phone quick, so in the end did a quick charge and dash, using the app and it cost me about £10 so not too bothered, and the 2 Roast Pork Sarnies and Sausage Rolls, so still cheaper than filling up with fossil fuel.


I was in Walkden (Greater Manchester) the other day and using an Instavolt, which is the same style of charger as Fox Valley and got “Authorising… Not Authorised” the first time that has happened, tried again and it worked.


I tried 3 or 4 times.

Spoke to OntO and we all agree its a InstaVolt issue, but they seem to have turned on Problem Mode - Stay Quiet


Was at the gym earlier this afternoon and the only working charger out of 2 was occupied as I approached. Just parking in 2nd slot to see if still faulty, which it was and guy got to MG that was charging so waited till moved off and hooked up and thought this is taken forever to authorise. Failed. Try several times and think well it’s Xmas so no point in phoning, just move car and do workout.

After finished in gym was in swimming pool and noticed a Hyundai with topbox hook up and looked like it was working, so after finished in gym spoke with guy and he said it worked ok with contactless.

Poor show from Instavolt but I suspect there is maintenance and upgrades going on over Xmas, so likely teething issues, but it’s not good enough to have issues anywhere.

Will be at gym again Friday so will see if resolved then.

EDIT. Forgot to mention, as reported issues via Instavolt app.

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Confirmed by InstaVolt as an issue with the OntO RFID Cards and they are working on a fix

I have asked if there are any workarounds, waiting on yet another update

@Raheel_at_Onto @carol what can customers do in this case, can we get a refund from OntO for charging initiated by the App or by ContactLess??


Update from InstaVolt

Either pay your self via the App or Call up and they maybe able to remote start the charge…


I just had the same problem in Weybridge Bannatynes where there is already one charger with a fault…now it won’t accept my card :frowning: let’s hope for a fix soon!

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did they start a charge for you remotely?

I had already left when I decided to go into the onto community and see if it was a common problem so no I didn’t try that but I’ll probably pop down later to try again. Thanks…although let’s hope that’s not their long term fix for the problem!

Hi Guys

We are aware of an issue with Instavolt struggling to read some RFID cards at the moment which is affecting other customers outside of Onto as well. This is being worked on by Instavolt and will be resolved as soon as possible.

I personally experienced this over the weekend at a chargepoint and I found after 2 or 3 attempts the charge did start however it wasn’t ideal having to try again and again.

If you experience this issue please try again. If this still doesn’t work please contact Instavolt directly who can remotely start a charge for you after taking some details from you.

We will keep you posted should we get any further updates or progress on this (As you can imagine we are chasing this as we’re paying for charge cards so we want them working all of the time) .

I know this isn’t ideal and I’m really sorry for any inconvenience caused by this

Kind regards


Thanks Dan. It helps to know you regularly check these community discussions and work to get problems resolved!


I also had this but when I presented the card a couple of times it worked. Bit of an odd error mode but got away with it in the end fortunately


Worked first time this morning at Manvers, so they may be fixing the issues as we speak…

To be fair the people at InstaVolt have been very apologetic, about the Issues.


@jakerommer Im always about somewhere! if you need me just tag me ! :slight_smile:


Problem seems to be ongoing. Had to present the card four times before eventually recognised this morning at Macdonald’s Shirley.

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Mine worked first time at Hopwood, Rochdale, but that’s one of the older chargers. I’m about to leave and there’s no queue behind me if anyone’s desperate. Sadly the fabulous butty waggon was closed 🥲

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I just ring up now after the 1st attempt, as then they have a log of the issue.

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Just been to the gym and it appeared to work first time, then almost instantly said charger error 62.
(It’s an Older charger unit)
Had to disconnect, faff about for a while for charger to get its act together again and retry. (Bit like Windows in some neverland place.)
Tried again and this time kicked in no issues, so it looks like the authorise bit is probably solved.

What made me laugh later was I went swimming after gym session and saw a silver Merc Van cruising around and eventually park in the second failed charger slot. (Been dead for months now and keep reporting it.)
He sat for ages in the cab then got out and wandered around looking for…
a diesel pump :man_facepalming:
Got back in van and drove off.

Never heard of there being petrol/diesel pumps in a Bannatyne car park.


Was anxious as was heading to Cotswolds aiming to use Banbury hub. Instavolt card worked successfully for us with no issues. First time using the hub. May have to plan journeys Via that.:thinking::+1:

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Happened to look at the Banbury site when logging a successful charge on zapmap and noticed all 8 chargers were available. Thats a first as they are usually nearly all occupied during the daytime.