InstaVolt card fault

My InstaVolt card keeps failing to be read (no error message or anything which suggests not even being picked up) and it’s only ever worked once the whole time I’ve had the card. I mentioned this on the phone to them while they did a manual start for me at the weekend and they suggested it may be cream crackered - how would I go about getting it replaced?

Hi Janso,

I’m sorry to hear of the issues.

Just very quickly, is the card failing at the same charge point, or at multiple points?

Multiple, not even limited to the same area as I use them around the country @George_at_Onto

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Nothing? :upside_down_face:

Hi @Janso - this isn’t an official Customer Service channel so you may not always get an instant reply.

@George_at_Onto isn’t feeling too well and hasn’t been in today - hence the delayed response.

I’m happy to review this for you on Friday when I’m back in but I have tagged our newest Community staff member @Vince_at_Onto who can pick this up for you tmrw in my abscence.

Thank you for your patience :grin:


Hi @Janso I’m sorry to hear you are having charge card issues! Please get in contact with our customer services team on live chat, email, or on 0345 0348 647 - explain the issues you are having in multiple machines - they will be happy to arrange a new card for you :slightly_smiling_face:


To be honest I didn’t even know you had a live chat @Vince_at_Onto - thanks, I’ll give that a go


The good thing with live chat is that you get emailed a copy of the conversation for future reference.


Really? I don’t seem to have a transcript of the chat

Live chat yesterday, text to tell me my new one’s in the post today. Can’t argue with that - if only I’d realised there was a live chat sooner. :slightly_smiling_face:


I use mainly Instavolt

Often takes 3 or 4 goes to get it to read a card.

Some of the older ones work first time but the new ones are very temperamental.

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First charge at the weekend with the new card, worked first time - funnily enough that was the first place I ever used the original card (or tried to) and that never worked there, so the card had probably had its chips by the time I got it.


Good news; although how odd that it was completely dead! Most cards get an easy life because they just live in the car, being picked up only to activate a charger. It may be that whoever had the car before you was one of the people who choose to take the cards everywhere with them for some reason, where they may get more flexing and general stress.

Maybe so, but it did show me how quick and easy it is to get sorted over the phone if I need help starting a charge which was one of my fears pre-EV.


I’ve also had to use Instavolt helpline. Excellent service; able to take details of my Onto card and start the charge on a unit where the payment/card reader appeared to have failed.

I bowled up to the Instavolt stand at FCL to start praising them on this issue, only to find that the car that had been at the very next stall - I asked the driver for any problems before ringing helpline - was driven by a senior chap of the firm! They have to use their own product and seem to have a much higher interest in seeing it work, than some Dino-fossillies we could mention :t_rex:



I must be seriously unlucky as I’ve tried to use the card 4 or 5 times since I got it replaced, and it’s only worked once!

It lives in the compartment in the front of the car and only comes out to (attempt to) start a charge so I don’t understand why a second card has decided not to work. It isn’t operator error as I’m doing the same thing I do when it does work so I honestly don’t know what the issue is.

Going to get back onto the live chat team but anyone have any thoughts? :frowning:

Are these always the same chargers that you use?
If so it could be the readers are failing.

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Is it one specific type of Instavolt charger you’re having the problems with? I find the newer BYD chargers which Instavolt are installing are pretty awful from a “user experience” perspective. Quite often they’ll decline my card for the first two or three times I present it to the reader, but then accept it on the third or fourth attempt.

In their defence, I’ve not encountered a broken one yet, they all seem to work eventually, but they’re horrible to use compared with the Tritium or Chargepoint units they used to install.

ETA: This behaviour was the same with my current Instavolt card and also the card I had with the ID.3, so I’m pretty certain it’s just that those chargers are a bit flaky rather than the card itself.

Hope it’s not the phone charging pad compartment :dizzy_face:

Hope it’s not the phone charging pad compartment :dizzy_face:

No not that one :slight_smile: