InstaVolt Card Acquisition Problem

Hi All,

Is anyone else having problems using onto’s provided InstaVolt card? Had to call up to get a charge started, but InstaVolt are saying they’re having problems with onto issues cards at the moment, but did start the charge remotely for me.


Does it at least read the card? I had a nightmare with two InstaVolt cards that did not work.

If it does, my local usually takes two attempts, I think the first time it’s a bit too keen and doesn’t ‘see’ it properly and said it failed. Maybe try a couple more times?

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It tries to read the card but fails. InstaVolt says it’s an issue with onto cards that they’re trying to rectify, fingers crossed they do soon, as could do without having to call up each time.

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Last used InstaVolt on Saturday (around 14:45 - I found the nearest coffee shop also stocked Tony’s Chocolonely, so it was a very memorable moment)

And I had no InstaVolt issue

I have previously had to ring their Customer Service Line (just once when a card reader wasn’t working) and I have to say they are amongst the best CPO customer service I’ve had to deal with (or whoever they outsource to)


Tony’s Chocolonely sounds interesting… will have to go and look that up :grinning:

Yes the customer service line this time around was actually pretty good, which is more than I can say for them about a month back when after waiting 30 minutes they sounded like they weren’t interested and couldn’t be bothered. Saying that Shell are just as bad at sounding uninterested too when I’ve had to call them.

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Myself and the driver next to me (also an Onto subscriber) both had issues yesterday getting a charge to start at Instavolt.

I had to call up and get them to start the charge remotely. I’m assuming he eventually did the same.

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I have been having problems since 13th September at my local instavolt charger, is my only Onto charger, but works ok with manual charging ,just takes a bit longer having to call. However I got it to work on a instavolt charger in Carlisle which is a newer type of charger with a LCD. My local one is a led display.


You’re not near Ulverston by any chance? the Booths there was having issues the whole time I was in the region a few weeks ago.

Me too, twice this week. phoned up and they remotely started the charge after taking loads of details.

I tried installing the instavolt app and adding the card to it but kept getting an error (I was hoping to then start the charge from the app)

Hopefully it’ll work again soon as it’s a bit of a pain

I’ve charged again tonight with no issue.

Is there anything in common with any of you with the issue? a type of charger, a region?

Was going to say used mine at a couple near me in the last couple of days and no issues at all with Instavolts, just some charges iced by idiots…


+1 For this

3 diff chargers (Woolwich, Shirley, Stroud/Banbury-M40) all not accepting the card . “They’re aware of it” …

You gotta call

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My card is working again now at the affected stations. I’m guessing they fixed whatever the issue was?

Had issues with Instavolt cards in lots of places. Most times if you try two or three times it works,
The times it hasn’t, the customer care line have sorted it very quickly and remotely activated the charger.

The team on their phones are very efficient I found.


Replying to myself — my card was not activated! So asking Onto to help now.

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That’s annoying!

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Can you actually add the card to the app ? I tried to add mine but the app does not recognise the card. I was assuming that was because it is an ONTO card and not a personal one, rather than a fault ?

The card itself works fine.

I assume this is the reason, yes. Otherwise you’d be able to accrue bonuses on a fleet card someone else is paying for.

Shame as I’d like to be able to start a charge in my car from the app when it’s piddling down.