Instavolt & BP Pulse cards ending date?

I was trying to find info for us price protected customers. When does the use of our instavolt and BP Pulse cards end? I thought there was a recent note somewhere can’t find it.

Am confused is it on 1st June? and if so are we to send the cards back? Or is there a way to keep them for longer without the bolt on prices?

Quote from this thread. (Bold mine).

“For customers currently on a price-protected subscription:

  • You can opt out of public charging for a £20 reduction to your next subscription renewal going forward.
  • If you opt out of charging, you will lose access to both the Shell Recharge and Tesla Supercharger networks, as well as (if applicable) BP Pulse & Instavolt networks
  • If you want to continue using public charging - great, nothing will change for you.
  • As a reminder, we’ve extended the price protection on any cars that are refreshed and retired until the end of 2023.
  • If you are an Onto for Business customer and opt out of public charging before the end of the month, then this will come into effect for your subscription in the next calendar month, May.”

Thanks @E7EV Now even more confused so everything stays the same until December this year?
So does that mean the car price is protected at the old prices till the end of the year if on refresh and retire?
What about the charging cards, how would I know if the car is in the refresh and protect programme? I had emailed onto about the refresh they didn’t know, said would be informed which isn’t really of any help.

The reason I am asking is in the places I had visited Instavolt was the best charging option.
Looking at the above then am I all good till end of December 2023?

If I understand correctly, if you swap vehicles, you lose the BP and Instavolt cards and the grandfathered rates.

If ONTO swap your vehicle for retire or refresh reasons, then you keep all three cards and the grandfathered rate on the vehicle they give you…until the end of 2023.


As @E7EV says above, thats my understanding too.


Morning all,

We have extended price protection from June 2023 until December 2023.

This means that anyone on the old pricing will remain on the same price plan until the end of this year, along with your benefits, including Instavolt, Shell and BP.

Should we decide to refresh and retire your vehicle, you’ll still pay the old price for your new car. The only time you’d lose this would be if you were to

  1. Leave Onto then return and book a new car
  2. Swap your vehicle to a new model (not R&R)

If you do decide to leave then come back or swap your vehicle, you’d default onto the new pricing plans on the website and have to add charging should you wish to include it.

Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any questions!



Great, Thank you all. I understand now. :slightly_smiling_face:

The June date shifted to December. That info was missing from the original blog post and @Dan_at_Onto if I do nothing, ie no swaps, no refresh etc then all stays the same until December.