Inspection emails

My ONTO car was collected on 28th December, I heard nothing until 6th Feb with an email saying the car “was fully inspected for damage and cleanliness on arrival at our turnaround facilities. We’re pleased to report that this inspection found the car to be in good condition, and there will be no repairs required”

Fast forward to this morning when I get another email

Is this latest one another inspection or has it been delayed in sending for some reason? Seems strange to have a near 3 month turnaround period for a return…

Sounds like an error, human or otherwise.
Probably should have gone to another later subscriber.


Good Morning, I hope you are well. I have looked into this matter and I would like to advise you to ignore this email as it this was sent in error. Please accept our apologies for any confusion caused.


Also remember ONTO only have 4 weeks to inform you of any Damage under the fair wear and tear policy.
If outwith this, can you refuse to pay ???

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That’s great. Thanks folks! Thought I better check to be on the safe side. Depending who you get on live chat it can be hit or miss

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Sound like Onto don’t except fair wear and tare

“Except” or “accept” :thinking:

They have a wear and tear policy which is simply a lift of the industry-wide guidelines.

Of course, nothing is foolproof, because two sides of the same coin will have different views on how it should be interpreted if they want to… :man_shrugging:t2:

But generally, I believe the consensus is that not only does that work pretty will (exceptions always arise) but that fixing stuff is arranged at the appropriate (trade/wholesale or whatever you want to call it) cost and not “inflated” as a Joe Public might have to pay.

Not setting out to defend anything, or anyone, but as an interested bystander now having seen a number of discussions over the last 18 months I would generally come down to there being a fair approach and implementation, and a willingness to listen if anyone doesn’t feel it fair.

Just my 2d


@K12Beano hey!

This is correct.

We adhere to BVRLA guidelines in terms of fair wear and tear and it’s their rules we follow when it comes to damage.

We also fix any damage at cost with no mark up so customers get a better price than if they just walked into a garage.

The reason it’s sometimes slightly more expensive than say an independent garage is because we use OEM (manufacturer) approved parts to ensure our cars are repaired to the highest standard possible due to another customer potentially driving the vehicle after it’s been repaired.

We do have a disputes process too which we’ve just recently streamlined even further so if a customer feels the vehicle is within fair wear and tear or that they didn’t cause the damage, they can dispute it and we can investigate it further.

If we decide damage stands, we will provide all evidence (pick up photos, damage reports etc) to the customer to evidence this and should they still not be happy we advise to contact the BVRLA who will investigate it and mediate between onto and our customer to determine if they deem the charge acceptable with it being their policy we’re following.

Hope this helps all!