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Hello, You’re through to Kerstin at ONTO, how can I help?

Hi just placed an order, if im working is it ok for my partner to sign for the car?

you want your partner to have their own car but they arent working?


im talking about delivery for the car if im not here

they need to be a named driver to accept the car

can my partner sign for it?

i see

Ok that sucks I will have to try and be here then

its just £9.99 a month and you can cancel it but it also means they can drive it too

yes but he can’t drive

can i change the delivery to the 14th?

I will have a look into that for you, Can I please get you to confirm your name, Postcode and date of birth?

give me a moment


I will have to let you know by cancelling this car and rebooking it there is chance that it can be taken but doesnt always happen shall I go ahead and try to change the date?

yes if you can try that please

ok give me a moment

ok thanks

is it the Highland grey you chose?

yes GT 2022 model

and you want the excess reduction is that correct?

yes please

I have just realised that the 14th is on a saturaday we only do Monday to friday deliveries

well thats no use to me I specifically asked you for Saturday

yes but we cannot do that

I’m about to start a new job on Wednesday, if your delivery is that inflexible then the best I can do is this Monday or Tuesday

I can try doing that 16th or 17th yes?

I will still be working monday to friday even then

i am clearly check mated in all directions, please just cancel and refund I will use Elmo instead

I will be available this Monday or Tuesday, 9th and 10th, not 16th or 17th

that is too late to change it for those days

I don’t really follow, 99% of the population work monday - friday but thats the only days you deliver on, and you can’t let my partner sign for it and you can’t do this monday or tuesday I have tried my best but with such annoying inflexibility I have not choice but to ask for a refund and take my business elsewhere

regarding your partner collecting the car I told you that he can be a named driver to receive the car

and i toold you he can’t drive

he doesnt have to drive it

he has no license

oh i see

good morning

I am sorry that there is no other option if you want me to cancel your car I can do that now

you leave me no other option so yes please do that

ok I have cancelled it for you now

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Well that’s not Onto be inflexible, that’s the logistics partners.
They work Monday to Friday, like nearly everybody else.
If you want delivery at the weekend it would cost a lot more as you would be paying overtime to the logistics company.

The other option is you get the car delivered/collected to your workplace (assuming it’s the same location each day) and sign for it yourself. Many people do this.

Let us know how much Elmo charge you for a weekend delivery compared to weekday.



You are not going to get a delivery on Monday or Tuesday next week with any provider, as the Logistics companies need a clear 72 hours notice to arrange anything and that’s working days.

Also note the Logistics companies don’t just do work for Onto they do them for the Car Manufacturers as well, and slots get booked in weeks in advance,

When I was looking originally at Elmo v Onto v EZoo, none did a Weekend Delivery… and all need a week or so to arrange delivery…

I can’t blame OntO for not allowing anyone with no driving license to sign for the car, no one allows this…


Didn’t hurt my feelings at all and I don’t think I came out with all guns blazing, just pointing out some misconceptions.
And I don’t work at all, retired recently and all Onto staff on the forum are… [email protected]
But I do have intimate knowledge of the logistics companies involved along with a greater understanding of customer service management than many.
The chat dialogue also goes to highlight how poor technology comms can be, when a phone call would likely have been quicker and more fruitful, but may have ended in the same outcome for you.
However the delivery/collection to workplace gets round your situation and it’s one that many have used successfully. Was this not an option you could have used?

I agree with you that delivery/collection should be available at the weekend, it’s just that Onto are not in a position to offer that currently due to logistics involved and it would cost a lot more. You’re correct Tesla, Cazoo and Elmo do weekends, however I believe Tesla require you to collect vehicles from their centres. Cazoo and Elmo (who are part of Constellation Automotive - BCA, Cinch, webuyanycar) are a different scale of business to Onto, hence the weekend offerings.

EDIT. I see now that you deleted your response, but it actually made some valid points, including Elmo cost and I am glad you got it sorted to your satisfaction as I would hate to see you ditch EV and have reverted back to ICE.