Incomplete Registration

I registered with Onto two weeks ago and heard nothing from them. I emailed them a week ago to ask what the hold up was with my registration, the reply said my ‘registration was incomplete’. I emailed again today and was told the same thing with the added extra ‘check to see if you’ve had any emails from us’.

I replied to that email advising I hadn’t had any emails from them and I’ve heard nothing back.

Does registration normally take more than 2 weeks? Does anyone know why my registration would still be incomplete, and what might the elusive missing emails say?


Many years have passed since I signed up, but I doubt the current sign up process takes 2 weeks, assuming you successfully added all the docs required and the process completed successfully.

Sounds like it didn’t.

If you have another email address, it might just be quicker to do it all again with another email address.

Will flag @Hena_at_Onto in case she can elude to what might have gone screwy.


Thanks burnt_crisps2. Hopefully the onto staff member you’ve tagged can help. If not I’ll look into re-registering with a different email.