Inaccurate reward points 😡

So today I completed six months with ONTO. I have eC4 (£499) and excess of £20. My points are 3085 ( I never used any points) but where is my bonus of 2500 points? I did received the email from ONTO congratulating me,so where are they?


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Hi @Zak78 - these will kick in at the end of your current sub month - when does you sub renew? Keep your eyes peeled & let me know if that’s not the case :slight_smile:


Hi @Raheel_at_Onto . Still no reward points :confused: :sleepy:

Hi @Zak78 - there’s currently a systemwide update taking place in regards to swap points showing up correctly - if you can bear with us a few days - these should be updated for everyone.

If there’s still an issue after this please send me a DM & I’ll review this further for you