Improved referral programme

This isn’t strictly one idea, sorry. But these are all part of the same idea for improving the referral programme:

  • Let us customise our referral code. Mine starts with a 0 …now is that O or 0? It’s confusing for people. If I could specify my own referral code, that would be great. Make sure you allow the original code to always work though, in case it’s already been shared.
  • Display your referral code in the app somewhere, like in a profile section. I have to dig around to find it when I want to give it to someone, because it’s not easy to find and it’s not easy to remember either (see first point above)
  • Have a better referral statement system. For example I know I’ve provided my code to several people who’ve signed up but none have taken a car because they’re on a waiting list. Show me a statement (on the website and in the app please) of who I’ve given a code to and their status, like: “Waiting” (signed up and on the waitlist, so your referral hasn’t triggered yet), “Signed up” (they signed up with your code but haven’t taken a car yet), or “Referred” (which is hopefully obvious).
  • Make it even simpler for people to share their referral code – provide some social media shortcuts in the My Account referral area, such as tweet your code, which pre-writes a tweet including a short message with the referral code and an @mention to Evezy. Or create an email easily.

That’s all for now :slight_smile:


Additional to the above. The process an procedures should be like this…

At registration, email sent to referral code owner and registering person that the code has been used and referencing the actual code.
Code used date time should be visible in both parties accounts.
Email to state that Referral credit has been applied when it happens.

Having just joined Octopus Energy, this all worked flawlessly with the code I used to join and also someone else using my code to join up too.


Thanks for the feedback! Very specific and comprehensive which is super helpful for our team. We will review it on our meeting next week and let you know if we can implement it to make our referral programme easier to use :smiley:


Are we allowed to post our referral code on this forum and if so, where?