Identity of New Car to Join Fleet in April LEAKED

A contact within ONTO that I’ve had for the last two years has inadvertently identified the new vehicle to join the fleet this month. In a conversation with them last night, they spoke about a big deal with Renault to supply 600 low cost EVs that will be offered at an affordable price. When I pressed the individual, they said that ONTO want a sub £250 a month car on the fleet to drive EV adoption. When I suggested that the vehicle must be the Dacia Spring EV, the informant was not able to deny it. I believe the announcement is due around the middle of the month.


i hope this is an april fools :slight_smile:


OHH @E7EV you got me cold on that one. Great joke. :man_bald::rabbit:


Haha! I mean it would be amazing to get a £250 a month option.

Dear god that is a horrific car. No no no. Thank god it’s hopefully a April fools.