Idea: Possibility to show ‘’ instead of ‘Stripe’ on card statements

Hi All, subject says it all and I know after 2 years I should recognise that anything that says stripe on my account is usually but My heart still jumps occasionally when I see the payment go and can’t remember what it is for! It seems odd that is not shown as the merchant/service. Any chance to update this sometime, unless it’s just me…….

Out of curiosity, who do you bank with?

On my statements it shows as “Onto Holdings Limited” which makes me wonder if it’s perhaps a bank specific issue. I have one account that fairly persistently gets merchant names wrong, with Starling, for example.

I just get “Onto” showing on my statements - so it’s more a banking thing than an Onto thing, IMHO. :face_with_monocle:

thanks @K12Beano and @jackmanclose I am using Amex for it so looks like it might just be them in that case…I wil take it up with them and see - I only use it for the points!


Monzo used to say ‘Onto’ and now it’s changed to ‘Onto holdings Ltd’ so my IFTTT trigger didn’t fire :man_facepalming:

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I’m with Starling and they still reckon it’s Evezy. I wasn’t even a subscriber when the company was called that. :joy:


With Monzo you can suggest they update the details. Can you on Starling?

Yeah, I’ve suggested they update the logo and hopefully at the same time it’ll update the name too - weirdly, when I open the transaction it does refer to ONTO Holdings Ltd in the details, but the reference is down as Evezy.

Hey guys I used to work in banking I can answer this !

Just to clarify this is bank specific. Stripe is our payment provider currently, however if a bank has our details saved on their database as “EVEZY” or doesn’t have us saved as a recognised payee or company it will show as Stripe.

This usually depends on the most common banks that make payments to us based on our customer base.

I hope this helps!



Good to know. Thanks Dan!