Idea - Customer swap?

I’m finding it a bit frustrating that I’m trying to downgrade from an E-208 to a e-up, but have been searching for nearly 2 months with no swap available.

Would it be possible for Onto to consider doing a customer car swap where 2 customers can swap their cars over if they have the vehicles they want to swap between, with an onus on the customer to make sure it’s clean and tidy and having some form of check in an app to ensure no damage is being missed etc like they do on a vehicle handover?

On a side note… putting it out there, if there is anyone in or near the west mids area with an e-up that wants an upgrade to a e208, let me know and we’ll have a chat with onto to see if we can do this?

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This has been suggested before and it’s a good idea, in practice though it’s a nightmare of liability/condition reports, as well as being pretty hard to match up logistically.

Your best bet is to habitually check the availability of the e-Up (or maybe the Zoe?) in your area several times a day and strike if it becomes available.

It needs to go via Onto’s logistics partners for their checks etc before getting allocated out for booking.

On the plus side, you might wind up with a newly delivered e-Up rather than one that’s been used by someone else this way, you will just need to wait a little longer.


I was considering the same thing. Save a bit of money during winter when I won’t be going very far. When my e-208 is retired, I might try an e-Up. To replace it with another will now cost me £20 a month more, and you’ve got to draw the line somewhere as before you know it these small incremental increases really add up.

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