ID3 vs Ioniq

Afternoon all

An ID3 Life Pro just popped up earlier today so I decided to book a swap. It’s no longer available on the website so I’m guessing it was one that someone returned.

Since booking the swap, I’ve been reading forums and blogs and I’m starting to change my mind. I currently have an Ioniq which I had from new, straight from Tilbury Docks and the more I read up on the ID3, the more I’m thinking maybe it’s not the wisest decision to spend the extra £120.

I wondered if someone could confirm based on experience:

  1. Do I really not get a rear view reversing camera on the Life Pro? Onto website says there isn’t one in the Life Pro but VW website says it’s standard on all cars.
  2. Range-wise, I know it varies a lot based on weather, driving style etc but the overall impression I’m getting from reviews is that the mileage is not much better than the Ioniq. Not by a huge margin anyway that would justify the extra £120.
  3. Apparently every button is touch and some say it’s an absolute pain…
  4. Any other pros and/or cons or recommendation or advice that anyone could give would be much appreciated.

The delivery is booked for 25th July and I’m not sure what to do now, as 120 quid extra is a lot of money and I’m struggling to see what more I’m actually getting for the extra money.



I have just switched well 2 weeks ago…

  1. You dont get a camera on the Life Pro, but lots of sensors…
  2. I am getting pre heatwave about 250miles range to a full charge… and charged from 40 to 80% this monrning and went from 100 to 201 miles
  3. I dont find it too bad, to be honest.
  4. It is as efficient sometimes as the Ioniq, and as much as I miss her, its a bloody good car… and the AC is a god send, better than the Ioniq.

The only thing is the App is a piece of rubbish compared to the BlueLink App.


Surprised that you found the ioniq AC rubbish. I thought it was damn powerful when I had it. Always had to turn the fans lower because it would get cold so fast despite the ioniq not having tinted windows.

I didn’t find it rubbish, I found it too aggressive, whereas I find the ID3 is a not as much…

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Ahh makes sense then. My bad I assumed that you didn’t find it good