ID3 Update - 2nd Key requirement

My ID3 has been booked in for a service through Driverline. I was then contacted by the dealer who asked whether I would have access to the 2nd key as they were going to upgrade the software to version 2.3 and they’d need the second key at the same time or it would not subsequently work. I’ve contacted Driverline to see if Onto want to send me the second key/ send key to garage/ not bother with 2nd key but after being asked to wait while they contacted Onto Customer Services, I gave up after 41 minutes.
@Adam_at_Onto - what’s the position with getting the 2nd key updated? And while I’m writing, the email confirmation of the appointment says that I need a copy of the comprehensive insurance policy to get the courtesy car - how do i get a copy/ is this something the garage phone someone to confirm?

Literally just had my ID3 updated and the 12v battery swap and they only had the one key and it went through fine (took 2 days).

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Never heard of any requirements for second key for the upgrade. Doesn’t sound right at all.

The VW dealers are quite happy just updating the one key, but that means the 2nd is unlikely to work after the update and a future update of the second key would presumably be at extra cost to Onto. I just wanted to flag it to Onto and see if they wanted the 2nd key updated at the same time.


Thanks for flagging @grahamdue. From what I understand they don’t need a second key. Please contact Cs who can provide you a copy of the insurance but I haven’t heard of other vw garages asking for a copy to do the update.