ID3 software update 2.3

I follow a FB group for Volkswagen EV owners. There is a lot of chat about the 2.3 software update and the fact that an email kicks off the process. Does this email go to me as the driver or to Onto as the ‘owner’?

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You as the driver if you’ve signed up and connected via We Connect ID


Thank you. That sounds like I should get it soon then

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It’s updating now - I’ll post an update tmrw :eyes:


Good luck! Hope it all goes well!

I signed up with ConnectID ages ago and registered my vehicle. Is that all I have to do or is there somewhere I specifically have to sign up for updates?

No that’s all you need to do now - all the ID3s are being updated OTA now

Had a very embarrassing moment today, when I returned to my ID3 Life after a lunch out with family, ready to drive them home, only to find the car mid-update and therefore impossible to start. After about 10 minutes of googling to find out what was going on, I was about to stick them on a bus. Thankfully the car came back to life.

I should probably have done some more research in advance to understand what the process involved but, honestly, I don’t think the instructions and guidance on screen was very helpful.

I seemed to click “accept” or “install” half a dozen times over the last few days and it wasn’t clear what if anything was happening. I don’t feel like it was ever clear what was going to happen and how long it was supposed to take.

Oh well. We survived!

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So mine already came with 2.3 installed thankfully

however there’s a new update, it says its available but I didn’t press install, it’s just in the notification area

is the advice to only touch it when I get home in the evening for example to avoid a stuck in tesco car park situation


Yes, most install like this mean the car needs to be stationary whilst it does the update.

Thankfully I was at home for my update - followed the instructions - although I agree they could have been a lot more clear.

My first attempt I left it overnight after accepting and came back the next morning to find it hadn’t completed.

Connected the car to my home WiFi and restarted the installation - went back to the car a few hours later and it was progressing nicely, but wouldn’t allow me to start the car (thankfully was at.home)

I kept checking progress via the WeConnect ID app (it’s greyed out all the functions whilst the update was happening) and when I could see the options again I knew the update was finished.

Pretty pain free but poor instructions


If your is anything like mine that is just the We Charge app - I installed whilst charging at Ionity - took 5 mins.

(The app won’t work - but that’s another story!)


yeah thats the one, i’ll just do it next time I charge then

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