ID3 Software and battery update

There’s an update to software version 2.4 available to book online, which is done at a dealers at no cost and comes with an upgraded 12v battery.
Do we have to go through Driverline and try to get them to book an ID3 in or can we just go direct to our nearest dealer?

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I tried to get booked in for this today, only to be called by the dealership to be told they’ve paused the roll out because the update has been locking the cars out. Apparently it’s gone back to the engineers to be sorted out


Ah! The User Testing went well then… :man_shrugging:t2:

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Is the upgraded battery needed for first edition models only? or all of us

my local VW said they are doing the updates and haven’t paused it

All models need the battery upgrade. The dealer does an upgrade from 2.3 to 2.4 and then there’s an over the air update for software from 2.4 to 3.0 that the customer does at home.

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I have the ID.3, do I need to do anything regarding the update?

@GaRic448 what version is the car currently running?

How do I find out?

Not the most obvious, but it does explain in this link…

Open the menu item “Setup” in the main menu of the infotainment system in your ID. Then navigate to “System Information”. If the software is “0792” or higher, you have already installed the ID.Software2.1 and your vehicle is capable for updating over-the-air. Otherwise, please contact your Volkswagen Retailer.

I am running 2.3. Do I need to do anything?

It’s not a case of needing but wanting. There’s an upgrade to 2.4 which must be done at a VW dealer as it improves the ‘over the air’ routine for further updates and VW are also changing the 12v battery for an improved one. Once you’ve had 2.4 you will then get an ‘over the air’ update (possibly a few weeks later) to 3.0 - which contains more fixes and improvements. Your car still works with the older software- I just wanted to know if we went direct to a dealer to get this update or had to go through driverline.

Probably best to get Driverline to book it in on your behalf. Imagine there’s no cost involved, but I would be wary of doing anything to the vehicle without the implied permission that a booking from Driverline would give.


Can we just book an appointment to upgrade to 2.4 or do we have to wait for Onto to tell us to do so?

I would do it through Driverline, as then OntO have it logged in case owt happens.

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Hi all!

At the moment, Onto cars will not be processed by VW for the system update and 12v replacement.

Not to worry, this isn’t permanent! It’s currently restricted to ensure that the changes to the systems and 12v batteries don’t cause any issues with our hardware, and have a couple of cars that have/are currently getting the update installed for test purposes as we speak.

Hopefully it’ll only be a few more days until we get the all clear, and we’ll pop a post here to confirm.

When the time comes, you’ll just need to book your car in through Driverline.


Erm I’ve been advised different by Onto in an email?

Hi @id3lee

Thanks for raising this, I’ll flag this with our maintenance team and driverline.