ID3 refresh or retire - what will happen in Jul 23

Hello old friends and new faces -

I was lucky enough to get an ID3 in the original batch on the first delivery date in July 21.

I love it. I’ve even swallowed the price hike and mileage allowance reduction along the way.

I’m so pleased the price and charging options will be protected for ongoing subscriptions.

However, I’m worried about what happens next summer. In theory, the car will reach 2 years old in July so will be up for refresh or retire.

Which will it be? Given the lead times for new ID3s (18 months last time I checked) what are the chances of a refresh?

Are there newer ID3s in the fleet?

What are the chances of swapping into one before the 8 January cutoff for protected pricing?


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Don’t do it!!

Sorry - but I don’t think, IMHO, you’ll be happy trying for a newer example.

I have had an ID.3 - not in the best of conditions when I got it, and they all seem to be ‘71s, because there’s not been the supply to top them up.

So I - others’ mileage may vary - wouldn’t be tempted.

Maybe going for something different might be fun… but if you like it, stick with it!

(Personally the VW is/was not for me - not “bad” and I wanted to like it more. But Hey! Good that we’re all different, eh?)

Think your best option is stick with it till they say it’s R&R time. That might be a few weeks or months away, depends a lot on mileage done, market value, age etc. Second hand prices are dropping at present, even for EV’s due to cost of elecy etc. so chances are you might end up with it for longer than we can guess at present.

Think you might be best just putting it to one side and kinda forget about it till it happens.
You may well end up with the same car for 2 years then.
What you do then is definitively crystal ball guessing at present.

Enjoy the ID3 :blush:


I have a similar worry, have an ID3 Family from Nov 21 (13k miles)

If you give this back then there is a very high chance it will be retired. The Kona ultimate I had was a year old when I returned it and had 13k miles on it as well and it was retired after that. If you really like it then maybe ask ONTO about your particular car and if you can purchase it then maybe? You will still be able to finance it since its still quite new.

Thanks for all the replies. Not least since ID3 availability seems so limited, I guess it’s right that I’d be best to stick with the car I have for as long as I can.


Does onto ever do this? I would love to do this if it was an option.

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Not exactly - but IIRC, if you ask about its retirement will put you in touch with whichever middle man it is going to and they may arrange a direct deal.

I suspect you wouldn’t “save” much money - it’s a lot more to do with the familiarity you will have over the particular example, any issues, reliability, condition and general suitability of that model to your needs…


Basically this and yeah since you have used that car you know everything about it. Not much of a financial incentive but atleast you know the history of the car. But yeah if you push ONTO, they should be able to help you with the retiring estimate and get you in contact with whoever is going to get your car to buy it

My 71 ID3 is coming back in next but it wasnt in the greatest of condition when I received it. Previous user ignored the no smoking and drinking policy.

How do you do that? Who do you finance it with?

Onto will try and put you in touch with the place that buys it from them, you can’t buy from Onto. Suppose either they’ll fix you up with one of their partners or you sort your own out from there.

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Oh right. Thanks

Yup exactly what @Janso said

Drinking? You can’t drink in an onto car anymore??