ID3 Puddle light

Hey all

My ID3’s puddle lights have ‘broken’.
I’ve seen on ID3 forums that this is a common issue and is covered under warranty.

I’m not bothered about it, but do I call driverline, or report it on the app?

Happy to wait until I give the car back, don’t really want to be messing about taking it to VW.

I would just report it on the app, so it’s logged properly.
As you say it’s not a problem, still lights the puddles up, just the logo is all sqiffy.

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It’s an ID.3 that wants to be a Megane going by the logo!


…. just not as cool though…. Not got that Gallic Galois charm yet….


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What’s the point of it? so you can see if you’re getting out the car into a puddle, or is it like a bat signal for puddles along the route?

The latter, I’m certain!!! :grinning:

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