ID3 Online Mode Unavailable

Has anyone had VW ID3 stuck in offline mode? Just chagin the car up in pre for its return. I noticed that the car has been permanently stuck in offline mode and the weconnect APP doesnt work anymore. All i can think of is:

  1. The car’s own connectivity issue.
  2. Some sort of end-of-contract things? i.e. Maybe Onto have cancelled VW connectivity after my request to end the contract?

How old is the id3?
And what version of software is it running?

Since you are handing it back, you shouldn’t worry about it.
It should get resolved when it’s returned to the logistics depot, but it might not be noticed, so worth advising the driver it’s stopped working.

it is just over 1 year old.
ha yes, guess i can say it is not my problem now…
was more hoping to be able to use the app to melt the snow away! :slight_smile:

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If you having issues using WeConnect that is more likely caused by fact that the app is totally unreliable. Half the time it just doesn’t work, usually server issues all over Europe. Happened to me on multiple occasions on longer trips that the app just simply refused to work. I contacted VW CS once when it was down and they said yeah, they know. LOL How can VW charge for this that is beyond me.