ID3 Music Volume

I have been meaning to ask this “possibly stupid” question for some time. Has anybody else with an ID3 noticed that the music volumes dips when the bass drops using Apple Car Play over bluetooth? Just getting into a right banger and the volume just dips out. Is there a setting I am missing somewhere?

I believe It’s CarPlay- I’ve noticed this quite a lot myself - something to do with the BT connection @P26BOW

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O/T, but we need to know what’s on your playlist now…

It’s a German car, so perhaps a little light Beethoven? Or are you more a Kraftwerk fan? Scorpions?


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He/she/they/it is definitely listening to Autobahn - Kraftwerk

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I’ve also noticed this check the EQ settings via Spotify or Apple Music, my go to song to check levels is Benni Bennassi - Satisfaction. Yes I know it’s a bit lame. But believe it or not it really does test every bit of the sound system. :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:. You’ll soon know if the audio installed on the car is any good. Lol.

Brings back fond memories of Mrs Bill and me bombing down a derestricted bit of Autobahn in the Onto i3, mixing it with the bigger boys in their AMGs etc, clinging on for dear life, Kraftwerk blaring!


My go to audio system test tune is Chemical Brothers - Under the influence. That normally works :slight_smile: