Id3 mileage and app

Did a swap to an ID3 , my mileage on the website does not seem to be registering ? And I stupidly forgot to record the mileage on delivery day due to other distractions.

Also the app does not show the id3 on my account , I’ve logged in and out the app a number of times ? If anyone can help would be great

Think you need to call Onto CS and get them to advise/fix.
They should also be able to tell you the delivery mileage odometer reading, or find it out.
Will flag @Raheel_at_Onto too.

Hi @Apriliamgt - happy to take a look this afternoon for you - I’ll drop you a DM shortly with an update.

@burnt_crisps2 thanks for the tag :grin:


@Raheel_at_Onto must be the hardest working guy with Onto :grinning:


@Raheel_at_Onto is not actually one single person. It’s a small team that is tasked with monitoring the forum 24/7. If you compare a selection of their posts, you can see slight differences in grammar and vocabulary.


@E7EV You have just blew the image I had of him buzzing about like a wee honey bee right out my head :sleepy:


@Jimmi1 - don’t listen to @E7EV :rofl: - I’m just me - slightly larger due to Covid & WFH but not as big as a small team yet

@E7EV - that did make me chuckle :laughing:


@Raheel_at_Onto did you manage to figure out what issue I’m having ? Thanks

Hi @Apriliamgt

I had problems registering my ID.3 in the WeConnect ID app for a week or so when I first got my car. I think it was actually an issue with VW’s servers, but they did send me some useful troubleshooting tips which I detailed in this thread - it may help your issue.

I’m not sure what the mileage issue may be though - sounds like something only ONTO can delve into. My ID.3 barely ever updated the mileage in the early days (one month it suggested I did 0 miles and the next I apparently did about 3000!) so I kept a note of it by hand. But in the last couple of months I had it, the mileage started updating correctly and was broadly accurate.

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@Apriliamgt happy to give you a call tomorrow morning - off today - but we’ve got this :grin:


Totally , unfortunately to late to record my start mileage and where I am now . Delivery day was abit mental and it didn’t cross my mind

I can take a call anytime .

I do have 1 additional problem.

Since delivery, I’ve pumped up the rear right tire 3 times now . Now I’ve only had this car a week .

I dismissed the 1st and 2nd time , but a 3rd clearly tells me the car was delivered with a faulty / punchered tire .


I must add each tire looks pretty worn , nothing compared to the 208 I had

The Bridgestones shipped with the ID.3’s don’t have much tread on them from new, so they’re probably not as worn as you might think. I understand the cars which came with Continentals fitted are somewhat better.

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Might not be a puncture, sometimes it can be a faulty valve and just needs replacing.
Either way it needs sorting via a tyre place.

I’m speaking to raheel in the morning .

Because at the moment the tyre line basically want to shaft me for a new tire . That’s not happening .

It’s kinda catch 22 with a tire , deflating 3 times since I had it , was it me, was it delivered like that ? Who knows

But the car did come in a poor state , not cleaned, stains on seats , scratches on body work all over . Tired do look somewhat worn all round
I’m kinda wishing I refused delivery on this one . My e208 was in such better condition

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