ID3 and Onto app?

With the ID3 I’ve noticed a feature button on the Onto app, when pressing it the lights turn on but that’s it…I assume that’s all the feature button does?

Sorry for the stupid question, genuinely curious.

ONTO app feature usually mirrors whatever feature is on the key, apart from lock and unlock. If there are two features, then only one of them will be on the app.

Picture on the key is of the boot. Although I haven’t tried it yet.

I remember with the Zoe ZE40 you could unlock the charging flap and precondition the vehicle using the Renault Key card. So with the ONTO app feature button, some Zoes would precondition and some would open the flap. It was just random which your vehicle would do, depending on how it had been set up during onboarding.


The Onto App won’t update from Zoe to ID3. I was told to uninstall and reinstall, did that twice yesterday and today. Onto are looking in to it. It means the paint mark on delivery I can’t use the damage reporting link. Will email the photo to them.

Hi @ElectricBug,

Sorry to hear there are some marks on your paintwork.

Please do send this to us via email, we will raise a case and email you the case reference number in case you ever need to refer back to the reported damages - If you require any assistance please do let me know.

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