Id3 alarm keeps going off

Anyone with an ID3 having issues with the alarm, as mine’s been fine so far but today gone off 4 times in the space of a few hours, open and reshut all doors and trunk still nothing, so had to turn interior monitoring off, hopefully nothing but will keep an eye on this.


Yes! It’s happened twice now. I lock the car like normal (with the key) walk away and about 5 minutes later the alarm goes off!

Can’t think of any reason why. I had a good look inside to check nothing had moved etc but nothing!

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@philipkeith12 turned off the interior monitoring which shows up when you press park, will see if it still goes off or maybe just driving it up the road for a bit and see if that sorts it, had my front parking sensor go off while driving and the key fob take a couple of presses to work, but in awhile nothing World ending as I really like the car and will be upgrading to the family once it comes out unless an id4 comes up lol. Will keep u posted

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Just gone off again, so taking it for a rapid charge and will be slamming the doors, will see if that sorts it

Alarm still going off randomly this is my life now :sob:

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Separation anxiety :wink:


Have you contacted the Driverline about this? This car is super sensitive.

Thanks @ElectricBug will do that in the morning as just using the onto app to unlock and lock the car once it goes off, had enough and going to sleep

Well called driver line and AA came out, unfortunately he could do nothing but he did say he had 5 other id3s with the same issue call though today, as we were chatting got a call from vw asking about the issue, so have to go into the dealer to get a software update on a module and for the front parking Sensors, apart from that still loving the drive, way better than the kona no Floaty feel and brakes are better, just need to iron out the bugs on the software part, tried the d mode on the M1 man wow but will still be on B mode around town.


I read this yesterday and thought nah mines fine…

Plugged in at home and gone off 3 times in last hour … :man_facepalming::laughing:

See if it clears up but very strange!


The alarm on my ID3 has gone off about eight time in the past three weeks. The first time was within ten minutes of delivery.

At first I thought the problem was with the hatch, as there was a lot of play in it when closed. I took up some of this slack by screwing out the rubber bumpers it closes against, and this seemed to help. However sometimes the alarm goes off after I exit the car, even when I have not used the hatch.


@Val sorry to hear that hopefully its just a gremlin and it will sort itself out, but boy does it get annoying, @Paul_Kelly the AA guy tried that so far don’t want to jinx it but just got home from Brent Cross and madam is quiet, hopefully no more separation anxiety from her, will still pop into the dealer tomorrow just to be safe as Neighbours may do the car if the noise continues.


Mine has just gone off too. First time in the week I’ve had it, but worrying after seeing this.

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As someone who is looking forward to getting an ID.3 soon (hopefully), and as someone who hates any unnecessary noise, this thread is, er, alarming. :hear_no_evil:


Well I had no more alarms go off since I posted. Have recorded weather/charge conditions etc… see if there is a trend! Turning it off and on again normally works though :wink:

The alarm saga seems to be over, so far the id3 has behaved itself and not keep everyone awake, so this could be one of the small issues that VW will need to resolve going forward, my key fob is still hit and miss sometimes but will just buy a new battery and see if that solve that.

Yes, had my ID3 since Tuesday and has developed this fault. Reported this morning to Onto and very quickly they got back to me with some further questions. Ticket raised and awaiting the escalation feedback. The car has peformed an over WiFi update the day after I got it. Apart from that I am really enjoying it, but…this does need to be resolved.

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@Si_Hayhurst sorry to hear you are having the alarm issue, but I will say it will resolve itself as mine has not messed around since I posted, additionally the key fob was resolved by placing fob in the front cup holders and turning the car on and off via the steering wheel button stop/start button then going for a drive, worked fine following this

Well have to say Onto are on the balll. They have advised the following just now.

The team are applying an update which could take 3-4 hours to update and we hope this will fix the issue. We will be back with an update later today hopefully

We do this via the hardware manufacturer, the car does not need to be unlocked for this to go through


Interesting- this would imply maybe it’s the Onto equipment which is causing the car to freak out? Don’t think Onto have the ability to push any other kind of update to the car :thinking: