ID Buzz Uk

I would love to see the ID Buzz coming to onto huge family car but definitely a great car had a test drive in one of the show off events

It even has 205 miles real word range 175kwcharge

Please also get with
Assistant package plus
Infortaimemt plus

This car could be a very good family car over 1000 Liter boot capacity without folding seats :slight_smile:

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You’re not allowed to tow with Onto vehicles so that one definitely won’t be happening if they do bring it to the fleet.

So far, Onto have avoided vans, including vans that are configured to carry passengers so I am not convinced we will see them add this.


That they thing the Buzz is sort off not planned as a van but as a big Family car exactly what bigger family need :slight_smile: is a 5 seater because of that. A bit like a Rang rover Discovery but a bit less posh :crazy_face:

Well I just hope they see it different at some point:-).

I understand they don’t like towing because people who never done it run at risk to damage the car specially with the power of some ev.

But a trailer what is fixed to the tow-bar :-? Has that todo with battery?

They do business contact having no vans is a huge miss out :-p

Also I don’t know what the manufacturer numbers will be but can’t see ut being big so may be difficult for onto yo actually get enough to make it work