ID.3 vs Kona

@BillN, which website is it that you get these comparisons from? These are very helpful!

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Yep, it’s Carsized . com

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Thanks @BillN and @Acurated!


Great comparison website. Really surprised me having seen it on the motorway. Thanks for this


So now the ID.3s are starting to be delivered, it’d be interesting to hear impressions from people who have also had the Kona…would you alter anything in the lists etc

Seeing earlier how bigger the ID3 is, it actually feels like a smaller car. Which is strange as it has much more space inside and can actually get passengers in the rear seats!
Must be the driving dynamics, definitely better than the Kona.
Faster off the line, more stable when turning the wheel and driving position is good (for me)
My left leg flops about a bit as haven’t got the tunnel in the kona to keep it in line :joy:
And the biggest plus of it all… no god damn beeping! Bings, bongs and beeps plagued every journey in the Kona :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
The UI on the media screen looks more intuitive but mostly have CarPlay on anyway and it has bigger real estate than the Kona. USB-C Ports inside so bought a cable for it, but then found it to be wireless CarPlay and phone fits and works in the charging slot (iPhone 12 pro max)
I might miss the cooling seats as I did use them fairly often in the hot weather.
I will do my first work journey tomorrow so will feedback - will be charging also on the way home.


Thanks for that - fab feedback!

Would agree with @Val on all of that—especially the lack of beeps :slight_smile: I’d describe the drive as very responsive. Really enjoying the wireless car play and the infotainment system in general. I think the lack of physical buttons for climate control will be fine. I’m almost coming to terms with having a white one rather than turquoise. And so far I’m not missing the reversing camera.

I would add some things that go in the Kona’s favour, in my opinion. The ID3 still has a couple of LHD legacies: the usual tiny glove box, presumably thanks to the fuse box, and (more significantly) the area covered by the front windscreen wipers ends annoyingly far from the right hand edge of the windscreen—in other words you end up with a wide strip not cleared in the drivers field of vision. Although I haven’t done much driving yet, I feel like I might miss having some of the drive data (efficiency mainly) on the dashboard.


Going to add that I found the ACC on the ID3 to be more sympathetic in terms of braking and acceleration compared to the Kona (with the obvious exception of the random crystal ball moments where the ID3 announces there’s a bend coming up so it wants to slow you to 63mph)

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There’s no question that the ID.3 is a “better” drivers car. Handles really well and acceleration is handled way better than the Kona given that it’s RWD, and it had to be quicker than what VW say it is. For me, the ID.3 is like driving a MK6/7 Golf GTI. It really is that fun. However, you need to get a high trim level for it to come close to the level of equipment that the Kona has and it isn’t as efficient (very close though), so it comes down to what’s important to you.


Updated for the Family version

Better on the Kona:


Lane following assist

Heated rear seats


Rear speakers

Cooled front seats

Electric seats

Max regen strength

Physical climate controls

Blind spot monitoring


Windscreen wiper coverage

Better on the ID.3


Overall travel speed (theoretically)


RWD (no torque steer/wheelspin)


Ride quality


Cabin noise

General refinement

No reversing beeper


Ambient lighting

Wireless CarPlay

Mirror dip on reverse

Puddle lights

Gear selector location

OTA updates

Better quality reversing camera

Matrix headlights

Panoramic roof