ID.3 vs Kona

Better on the Kona:


Lane following assist

Heated rear seats


Audio quality

Cooled front seats

Electric seats

Max regen strength

Physical climate controls

Reversing camera

Rear cross alert

Wireless phone charger

Blind spot monitoring

Better on the ID.3


Overall travel speed (theoretically)


RWD (no torque steer/wheelspin)


Ride quality


Cabin noise

General refinement

No reversing beeper


Ambient lighting

Wireless CarPlay

Mirror dip on reverse

Puddle lights

Gear selector location

OTA updates


A few are subjective, but I reckon a majority would probably agree on exterior looks & general brand ‘cachet’.

There’re are some other things like seat height/driving position, charge port location etc which are just personal preference really, and some other things like interior quality which I think / it sounds like both do fairly badly.


The Max version has Side Assist, which I believe could be VWs name for Blind Spot Monitoring. The lower trim levels appear not to have this.

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Feels like an odd omission but I think you’re right. I’ll chalk that up to the Kona then which has very good blind spot monitoring (much better than the e208’s) that indicates on the HUD whenever a vehicle enters the blind sport area.

Thank you for the comparison, I flipped a coin and will try out the ID.3


It’s a bit of a head v heart thing I think.

The Hyundai is stacked with features and tech, but has some naff things like the terrible lorry-style reversing beeper.

Faced with the two choices for me I’d pick the ID.3 and worst case of you don’t love it, you can swap to something else

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Yes I think this sums it up very well - on paper, going off specs and equipment and not knowing who made which car, what they looked like or how they drove, most people would probably choose the Kona (unless perhaps if you have lots of 100kW+ chargers that you use frequently or need to carry adults in the rear often).

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The little nuggets of doubt are kicking in about my decision to hand back the BMW for the ID3.
But suppose its one of the benefits of Onto…
If the car dissapoints it can always go back! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It can, but you won’t get your i3 back!


Got my contract for the id3 but really not sure, need something bigger hence would have love an id4, but the normal things in the kona are now lacking on the id3, would have picked the family instead of life or the cost would have been cheaper than the 2020.1 kona, no reversing camera been there done that gets old very quickly.
But the main reason for the swap would be the way the kona drives, I do the M1 5 days a week for the most part feels ok till there’s traffic or things need to speed up a bit then it gets a bit iffy, had to do a 2 am dash from Dunstable to Royston to pick up a friend in windy and wet conditions could not get over 50 due to the fear of puddles and the car ping ponging around, so going to try something different getting old and my heart can’t take the drive :laughing: but will miss the kona’s little extras

I know… (and on a the ooold legacy rate!)
May look at canceling the ID3 until you guys have all had chance to rip it to pieces and give the honest feedback on the car in the real world?

If you’re still paying only £399 for the i3 then it would be foolish to give it up unless the i3 was no longer suitable for your needs. Especially if the alternative of the ID.3 is so much more per month! If it was me, I would be hanging on to that until they request it back for defleet. Plus at that point you will get a free swap, and maybe a special offer to get started with another model too.


This, for me, is the main thing going against the Kona - and obviously something that can’t be read off a spec sheet.

The 208 I have currently drives markedly better than the Kona (ride is much more composed, handling is far superior, and it’s just generally more refined). I’m hoping and expecting the ID.3 will also be quite noticeably better.


Very true @BillN, really a shame as everything else just works, even the app, at 80%charge getting 230 miles on the kona, and no buggy software unlike what I have been hearing about the iD3 :thinking: well we’ll see, if anything I can go back into a Kona or something new.


It sounds like most of the issues have been ironed out with the latest 2.1 release of the ID.3 software. This is what I’ve read in other forums anyway.


I’ve added OTA updates to the ID.3

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I have the Kona and was really looking forward to ID3 joining, but then I passed one on the motorway the day and was surprised at how small it looked, almost Polo size

Would have swapped in a heartbeat for the ID4, but the ID3 is a little small for me

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The ID.3 is larger overall than the Kona

And bigger in every measure but length than a Golf.


Wheelbase is only a few cm shy of a Passat