ID.3 vs e208 (which is better at what)

I’ve booked a white one too. The tints don’t really bother me at all, apart from giving away that you’re driving a life to anyone in the know!

I’d agree that those 19s are better but the fact it has alloys at all are what transform the car for me!

The link that @BillN posted looks plenty good to me. Some great photos there.


Yea agree with all three of you - the link from @BillN actually helps add a bit of perspective - still wish it came tinted but it’s not the end of the world - & yea definitely thankful @Onto-Team sprung for the alloys - this should hold me over until the Cupra Born - or the Ioniq 5 - it’s almost July :raised_hands:

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So now the ID.3s are starting to be delivered, it’d be interesting to hear impressions from people who have also had the e-208…would you alter anything in the lists etc

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Worth just pointing out that my list was based on the Life version of the ID.3. With the Family version, the marked items are not ‘better’ in the e-208, and in the case of the headlights instead move to being better in the ID.3.

After having now sat in an ID.3 (Family), I’d now say that if anything the interior quality is better in the ID.3.

Also, I believe that Tronity does actually work with ABRP in the ID.3 - but perhaps someone who has now got one might be able to confirm that in the coming days.

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