ID.3 vs e208 (which is better at what)

(Disclaimer - I haven’t yet even peered through the window of an ID.3)

Better on the ID.3

Power & acceleration



Overall travel speed (theoretically)

Active cruise control

Smart cruise control (slows down for bends etc I believe)

Heated seats

Heated wheel

RWD (no torque steer/wheelspin)

Rear passenger space

Boot space

Ride quality (just?)

Cabin noise

General refinement


Wireless CarPlay

Mirror dip on reverse

Gear selector location

OTA updates

More ‘modern’

Dedicated EV platform

Functionality of infotainment system

Twin captain armrests

ID light

Scope of voice control

Automatic on/off (no need to press start button)

Better in e208

Lighter - more nimble / fun to drive

Audio quality

Interior materials

Sat nav map in driver’s display (GT only)

ABRP integration via Ionity

Blind spot monitor

Reverse camera

Dual zone climate

Auto high-beam


There’re are some other things like overall design inside and out, seat height/driving position, charge port location etc which are just personal preference really, and some other things like touchscreen annoyances which I think / it sounds like both do fairly badly at.


Thanks for doing this @BillN. Think I’m going to try the ID.3 for at least a month or two and then see what happens. I know I’ll regret it if I don’t go for it when I like the sound of more speed on its own haha, being a young driver that does it for me!

Reverse camera is a bit of a loss though but some of the other things you mentioned I don’t have on the GT Line anyway so actually the list is even more in favour for me to try the ID.3!

Will let you all know how it is going from e-208 GT Line > ID.3


Pretty much my thinking too - plus I’d rather try cars when they first came out so that if I really like it I can keep it ‘from new’ and it feels sort of more like my car.

e208 is great, but can feel a bit out of puff at higher speeds for my liking.


Parked the e208 side-by-side next to an ID.3 earlier whilst charging and was quite surprised how big the ID.3 appeared from the driver’s seat of the Peugeot.

The ID.3 looked almost like an MPV / Mini SUV, with its driver sat much, much higher than I was.

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It’s quite significantly taller - around 12cm.

Its actually taller than the 2008, which is the “suv” version of the 208, of course.



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I’ve seen a few things where reviewers have commented on the high seating position in the ID.3, so it may also be that the seats are set quite high / don’t go particularly low.

In the e208 you can get nice and low (if you want), so I’m sure the ID.3 is going to feel quite different.

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Yea same here - definitely not a low car - but hear it handles surprisingly well for being so high up - the weight from the batteries underneath help plant it down

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Can confirm the ID.3 handles really well. The size of t he car is surprising when you see it in person for the first time, and I really liked the seating position.


Test drive? That’s positive- I’ve heard the handling is impressive. How’s the acceleration?

This makes me a bit more excited for the ID3 now - first car with ONTO & first EV apart from a few TM3 hires - just wish the wait wasn’t soooo long :tired_face::joy:

Yeah, I drove one about a month ago from VW, and it’s a very impressive car. It’s very nice in pictures, but it’s sunning in person (unless it has the aero wheels then :face_vomiting: )

I drove the M3 and then the ID.3 about 2 weeks apart. The Model 3 has insane performance, but honestly, the ID.3 in real-world driving felt comparable, and it certainly feels a lot quicker than the 7.4(?) 0-60 they’ve given it. 0-40 for normal road driving is instant. Being RWD you do get thrown into the seat, which is addictive. I absolutely loved the ID.3. The only thing that would stop me purchasing one over the M3 is VW’s overly complicated trim structure, and the only model being in the government grant not having a rear camera. Criminal that. But I wouldn’t hesitate the rent one on here.

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I heard that they may be removing trim levels and just selling base engine cars with packs added as options. This means all (except Tour presumably) would qualify for the grant as it’s offered on base price, not options.

I’m loving that feedback- that’s definitely put my mind at ease a bit too - agree the M3 is just a different animal for now.

I wish the ID3 spec we’re getting had the rear view camera & rear speakers - but as a rental it’s not such a huge issue.

Definitely looking forward to getting mine on the 23th - still got a long wait :tired_face::rofl:

19th was the earliest for me, even though I booked it minutes after they announced. Some people will be getting theirs on 12th as that was the earliest date for some parts of the UK.

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Here you go. This is the one I had for my test drive. Sadly VW only give you half an hour, but it was enough to win me over. Wife didn’t like the M3, but loved the ID.3 :thinking:

I’ve drove pretty much all EVs now within that price point and the ID.3 is top of the list for me. Kona was way more efficient from my drives, but I’d take the ID.3 any day if trim levels were comparable. I couldn’t get the ID.3 in time so I have a Kona on order for my holiday.

Yes, @Tomahawx the sales guy at VW did say they were reworking the trim levels based on customer feedback but didn’t go into detail. It’s unnecessarily confusing and leaving things out like a rear camera which has become a standard these days was a poor move. Rear camera is a £950 option, which you can’t choose at purchase but can arrange after the purchase, for those who would go for the life model. The next model up, Style, does have a rear camera but can only be spec’d with the small battery. Confusing :upside_down_face:


I’m the 23rd - but earliest I saw was 19th also

Loving the pic - I’ve gone for white - but definitely feel the tints add to the styling - shame onto won’t have these tinted - but I’m definitely looking forward to it especially with your feedback :raised_hands:

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The white ones will look exactly like this:


The 19"s completely transform the look of this car. The 18"s aren’t bad at all, but man those 19"s are :fire: