ID.3 or e-208

Advice guys.

Help me decide haha. Getting a new car in October so looking for next couple of months. Currently in the ID.3 but I’ve always liked the e-208 only got rid of my last one due to the mileage. Now I’m debating whether to go back to it.

Which one would you guys choose ?

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Never heard anyone regret getting the e-208, except those that regularly do more than 100 miles a day in winter on the motorway. As you only need it until October, you should be ok.


Only you know your own criteria! :rofl:

But you’ve already experienced the e-208, although presumably not the latest “Allure Premium” that Onto have. I’ve driven neither (though have experienced the e-2008 for long enough to know it’s a pretty decent car to drive)

If it were my back of a fag packet drawn up with the pros and cons of each, though, I would list the issues as:

Front wheel drive (are you mad?)
Price (whispering from behind me… save the money!)
Swap costs (have I got the points in the bag to subsidise this?)
Current car features (what would I miss? What’s a bit annoying?)
Front wheel drive (see previous cry)
Can I get a decent colour?
Really!? :man_shrugging:t2: Front wheel drive???
Oh look :eyes: they’ve got yellow, red or black

Hang on! Which wheels are driven???


You’ve already had experience with both. The fact that you’re thinking about the swap clearly means that you miss the 208. I’d say go for it and it’s a good opportunity to save some money too.

That, or throw all common sense out the window, splash out and have some fun in a Tesla for a few months!


Already got the Tesla :joy::joy: my other half has it through :joy:

I do miss the e-208. Just hated the range but there are quite a lot of chargers round my new work so isn’t as bad.


Now we’re in June and you’re getting rid of it again by October I can’t see the range being too much of a concern honestly. You’re the right time of year to be getting the very most out of its battery. Plus as you say if the charging situation has improved it’s even less of a worry.

I guess your other option would be a Zoe. Even bigger cost saving. Still a small and somewhat sensible French car but with a bigger battery and more range than the 208. It’s got a number of plus points going for it, but it’s not going to have that slightly more sporty touch that the Peugeot seems to offer. So it depends what you’re looking for really.


I’m not sure what I’m looking for :joy::joy::joy:. I know everyone says positive things about the Zoe. Just not sure about no arm rest :joy::joy:

Loved my e208. But I don’t miss the range it wasn’t able to do. Did feel I was at a charger every 2/3days

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This might be helpful as ONTO offer three of the five cars featured.


Oh! :flushed:

So the answer is the Honda e anyway!! :joy::rofl::joy:

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If it helps, I’m returning a very clean ID.3 Family Pro Plus in Moonstone Grey at the end of the month. London postcode here.

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