ID.3 Life vs ID.3 Family

Hi all,

We obviously didn’t mean to let the cat out of the bag with the email yesterday, but given we have we will let you know prices!

We had planned to announce the models with the pricing once we had definite delivery dates, as we haven’t had 100% confirmation on when the cars will be in the UK. We expect they should be available within September, maybe sooner with ID3 Family, but we will let you know on availability as soon as we have confirmation.

Volkswagen ID3 Family Pro Performance (with 19" Andoya alloy wheels) - £589 per month
Audi Q4 e-tron 40 S Line (with Comfort & Sound Package) - £999 per month

These are both the bigger battery options, with the most range that the cars come with.




Thanks for confirming @Rob_at_Onto

We guessed right at £589 on the ID.3 Family then :raised_hands:

Any insight as to what wheels the car will have? Aero Vs Option alloy?

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The problem is if they allow everyone to change to the family they will be left with a load of life versions un rented

Hi @MisterOaks, the cars are spec’d with alloy wheels - I’ve updated the comment above to give the details. Thanks


No way! It’s the 19"s we get!!! Thank you!

This car is absolutely stunning with the 19"s.

Well, I’ll be ordering as soon as they are available. I’m excited for my Kona Ultimate next week, but the ID.3 is not just a fantastic EV, it’s a fantastic car.


Many thanks Rob - that’s really helpful :+1:

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£30 uplift is a little more than the the £20 I had hoped for, but given they have the 19” wheels rather than 18” it’s fair.

I think I will go ahead and cancel the Life booking and keep the e208 for now…so anyone who was after an ID.3 ASAP, take note there should become one available on the 12th fairly soon.

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Thanks Rob, great to have the extra info - don’t be too hard on the internet marketing folks, it’s easily done ;-)…

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Good marketing in my book….certainly got everyone talking about it…!

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Was thinking of doing this myself but given they expect it in September, I don’t mind the swap fee after 2 months with the Life. Would’ve kept the e-208 if it was 1 month but think I’ll just go with my booking for now and swap when it’s out!


Slightly odd video but gives good shots of the Family’s pano roof, different seats etc…& the Andoya wheels.

Quite liking this colour too - I might actually go to a VW dealer now so I can make a more informed colour choice next time around.


Is it the Stonewashed Blue? (I haven’t seen the video with sound)
I think it might be my preference – I don’t mind the moonstone grey but think in a blue tint it looks slightly more unique / classier

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Yep - I think I need to see it in person but looks pretty good. Either that or old school silver for me I think.

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Definitely exciting new and I’ll be switching as soon as it’s available but I’m happy to start off with the Life for 2 months - the Family is what I was after too​:partying_face::partying_face:

Good video of the matrix lights