ID.3 Life vs ID.3 Family

In addition/compared to the features of the Life, the Family has:

‘Style Plus’ seats (consensus is they are nicer than the Life seats)
Ski hatch (but Life is better for carrying 5 people)
30 ambient lighting colours (vs 10)
Illuminated door handles
Keyless entry
Rear-view camera
2-zone climate control
‘Smart’ climate control
Voice control for climate functions
IQ lights - matrix lights - cornering lights - illuminated light band between headlights
Different rear lights with animations
Tinted rear windows
Panoramic sunroof
Adjustable boot floor
Map pockets on back of front seats

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I’ll pay £30 more a month for this🙌 - hope they let us swap before first delivery

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I don’t know - I think the only things I’d be bothered about are the camera and headlights.

Maybe the Family will be optioned with the 19” wheels too…

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Life is £559? I would expect, based on the trim levels, that this should be comparable to the Kona Ultimate at £589.


Headlights, sunroof, reversing camera, tint are all pretty nice to have in my books. Better seats too are a plus
Surely you’d be mad to add it to the fleet without alloys (if it’s seen as the step up from the Life)

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Doesn’t the family comes with alloys as standard? If Onto have bought the life with upgraded wheels I would expect the same here. I would imagine it’ll still be the 18"s as the 19"s are like a £1600 option.

Yeah I’d be very surprised if it’s not a Family Pro Performance with at least East Derry wheels - and hopefully Andoya wheels.

If they were going to go for a Pro model it would make more sense for it to be a Life with steel wheels.

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I’d agree that a family pro performance with alloys is most likely.

Reversing camera, matrix lights, sunroof and style seats are worth £20 a month to me.

However, if I already have my Life model before its announced or the wait would be too long I’ll just stick for now.

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Agree with most of the comments here. I’ve got a reservation for my ID3 Life to come on 3rd Aug. I’m hoping they announce the family before then, not fussed about waiting time as I’ve got a very sturdy Zoe GT Line which I really can’t complain about now apart from space - but I can live with it knowing a new bigger car is coming soon.
I’m expecting like most of you for the family to be around £589, which for the extra features I’m more than happy to pay for.
I’d love to know how much the Q4 is though and if it’s going to be the mid range spec with the 77kwh battery. If it is that’s £35k base give or take. I’d love for it to be around £699-£799. If it is I’d snap one up but I’m not holding out for that. I think Onto is lacking cars between the £589 and £999 price point which is strange. So for the Q4 to be around the price I guesstimated above would be a winner in my book. Although knowing Onto That will be the base model with the 52kwh battery or whatever it is… priced for £699-£799.

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To save anyone else the effort… :rofl:

In my view though, @Rob_at_Onto, it’d be worth giving some thought to how initial announcements about new cars affect people who have a current booking in place, and who obviously may then wish to consider their options before that existing booking is fulfilled.

Maybe it’d be better to just hold back all information until you’re ready to reveal pricing, timing, specs etc.

Teasing us with tidbits is sort of fun, but quite frustrating too!


If this was a completely brand new vehicle, fair enough with the “teaser” (even though it wasn’t really a teaser as you can tell what car it is in the picture). However, as you said, this is just a different trim-level to an existing vehicle and all this is going to achieve is create a huge logistical nightmare for those who have a life on order who will probably prefer the family. Considering the ID.3 life is unavailable now, it suggest popularity, so many a bookings will be requiring altering. Admin overload :grimacing: It would be in their best interests to release the family information very quickly so they can potentially fill orders on both variants as there are still people waiting on the life.

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Thanks for asking the question - I’m in a similar situation on the ID.3 with similar timings, but I have had this with other tech, cars, phones whatever - there is always something else new and shiny around the corner :grinning: I am the same as you but I can sympathise with onto a bit too! I guess at least we have the benefit of only a month commit! I am sure if/when I get into and ID.3 Family then the Mustang will magically appear and given me another dilemma!

Yep - it’s just going to create a lot of work for them / their partners. Which in normal times might be all well and good for them (if still annoying for some customers) because maybe they make a small profit on each delivery/collection…but at a time when they are just recovering from major logistical issues it would seem to be a good idea to try and reduce the amount of unnecessary vehicle movements!

The trouble in this case is that we don’t even know for certain if it’s actually going to be better than the current Life offering.

The Family version could potentially (though a small chance I think) have a lower powered motor and steel wheels.

So without knowing, I don’t think I have much choice but to take the Life, see what the Family offer actually is, and then decide if I then want to stump up for another swap, adding to the logistical workload, potentially delaying cars for new customers, causing bad publicicity etc etc

The much more sensible thing to do would be for Onto to just work out the pricing ASAP, and tell everyone about it, the timing and the specs today.

The cat’s already halfway out of the bag…. just let it out!

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Yes, seems very illogical to be withholding the information even if delivery is a while away.

They do seem to love all these weird half arsed secrets but then make silly mistakes like actually listing the vehicle in the interest URL they email.

Personally I would prefer they just said absolutely nothing at all until such time as they just released all info / spec / pricing / booking


Agree with the comments above. A bit annoying to know the Family spec has been secured, but no idea if it’ll be available near to the time the ID3 Life I’ve booked will be delivered.

I’d swap to the Family spec if it had the same wheels and motor as the Life and is less than £40 difference. They surely knew they’d try and get the Family spec at the time of securing the Life spec.

Why not just release both at the same time with 2 clear price options because they knew how popular the ID3 was going to be - as in hold the Life spec until they’ve confirmed the Family one too? Oh well just have to wait and see when it’s available and how much for.


all valid points and I agree as well and I am in exactly the same boat as you…lets hope it makes it worth the swap fee when it comes!


It’s doubly annoying because if I could have the info on the Family version then I could cancel the Life, keep the e208 for another month or so, and then use the £90 pcm saving + £50 swap fee to go towards the higher subscription cost of the Family.

So Onto’s current approach is currently likely to end up costing me, as well as creating more logistical traffic for them, and most importantly potentially denying a new customer from joining Onto in a few weeks by taking the Life I’ve currently booked.