ID.3 Life Pro - Questions

Hi there!

I’ve been lurking around for a couple months now after discovering Onto, and finally took the leap of faith and ended up being lucky with a ID.3 Life Pro being delivered within a week!

Really excited to get it next Weds. Hopefully I have no issues with delivery.

On Youtube one of the reviews state that the Software update is def worth it, do these cars from Onto have the latest update? and if not, how does one get it updated?

Also is there any posts/threads on these forums that show photos/experiences/reviews of this car from other members?

I was lurking around the day I ordered it and I swear I saw a big thread with loads of people leaving their delivery reviews on the ID.3 etc but cannot find it for the life of me now.


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Hi the thread u want is in discussions under first vw id3 delivered :grin:



It seems like the cars are being delivered with the 2.1 software update which is the latest version.

However, VW are currently rolling out an “over the air” update to 2.3 and cars will start to receive notifications to download this soon. Amongst other things, the 2.1 update (which the cars are being delivered with) allows the car to receive over the air updates, so in theory there will be no need to visit a dealer at all regarding software.

I hope that helps.


Good to know! Just got my notification from moveecar. Will check what the software is on my model as well. Hopefully has a notification to install an update already and the driver is just leaving it for me to do!


Except as I understand the life model will be the one you’ll have to visit the dealer for the updates. As it’s the base trim I’m lead to believe there’s no OTA updates given for this model. Only family and above.
Hence why some of us held off for the Family coming soon go ONTO among other reasons lol. But prove me wrong…. That’s what the dealer told me when I went to test drive the ID3 and 4 recently. I’ve also seen it in 1-2 videos on YouTube with people with the life model commenting on this admin error on vw’s behalf.

I’ve not heard that one. Isn’t it the same software for all cars?

No I think it’s something to do with the online access or sim? Not quite sure I wasn’t that intrigued when the sales guy told me as I wasn’t ever thinking of going poverty spec.

Having said that all 3 videos I’ve seen with people and the id3 life have said they have the options for online stuff but nothing actually appears under those click items. Whereas every video I’ve seen with family, tech, business etc they all appear and work perfectly. Could be the spec or it could be a software update. I guess we will see soon enough!

Indeed. We shall see.

They do refer to the fleet as the id family, meaning the whole family of cars in the id range. Confusing when one of the trim levels has that name, I know.

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