ID.3 Family Rear Speakers?

I was recently relegated to the back seats of my wifes ID.3 Family Pro due to the mother in law visiting and the first thing I noticed while being driven was the music wasn’t coming through the rear speakers

I have looked into the settings and it doesn’t appear to have the function of selecting the rear speakers

Does this model only have front speakers as I was sure I read somewhere on one of these posts that this was one of the difference between the Life and Family models

Yes, unfortunately VW have only specced the family model with front speakers!


Oh damn, I thought that was only a limitation on the life model. Didn’t know even the family model has 2 speakers only. How is the bass and the sound in general? Can anyone tell me who might have moved from the kona to the ID3? Kona has a krell sound system and it sounds pretty good honestly.

I haven’t really noticed the lack of rear speakers - the sound is fairly decent I think. The e208 was better, but personally I found the Kona boomy and not to my liking.


We have both the Kona and the ID.3 Family. Sat in the front, you dont notice a huge difference when the radio is on at a conversational volume, however when a song comes on that you like and you turn the volume up, then the difference is noticeable

The ID.3 has a tinny sound whereas the Kona is like being in a night club, although I would advise turning down the base as it can vibrate everything in the car

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