ID.3 Family and Q4 e-tron confirmed

I’d second that.


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@BillN I’m expecting price point to be similar to Kona pricing currently.

@Tyson yeah 35 had a range of 213.
40 has a range of 315. 77kwh battery in the 40. I hope to god it’s a 40 and around £699-£799. I’d snap one up for that.


Hi all,

We obviously didn’t mean to let the cat out of the bag with the email yesterday, but given we have we will let you know prices!

We had planned to announce the models with the pricing once we had definite delivery dates, as we haven’t had 100% confirmation on when the cars will be in the UK. We expect they should be available within September, maybe sooner with ID3 Family, but we will let you know on availability as soon as we have confirmation.

Volkswagen ID3 Family Pro Performance (with 19" Andoya alloy wheels) - £589 per month
Audi Q4 e-tron 40 S Line (with Comfort & Sound Package) - £999 per month

These are both the bigger battery options , with the most range that the cars come with.




999 for the audi…not sure what take up will get think its 200 too much I feel ,shame as would of loved to try the audi

I will be hot on the phone or swap form the moment this drops I think – I think it’d be a lovely drive with a bit more pizazz than the Life model at a very modest price increase.

Thanks for the info Rob!


For anyone interested (like me) on the Q4 e-tron, the “Comfort and Sound pack” contains the following:

Reversing camera, Adaptive Cruise Control and “SONOS premium sound” (details below)

There are quite a few things that I’d have hoped would be ticked for a £999mo price - that’s not to say I don’t think it’ll appeal but I think it makes the ID.3 Family a fair bit more appealing (which will have a sunroof and things like Matrix headlights)

Reversing camera
Within system limits, the reversing camera monitors the area behind the vehicle. The image is depicted depending on steering angle in the MMI display using dynamic display elements. The reversing camera is activated by selecting reverse gear or via a button on the centre console.

Parking System Plus
Using data captured by the ultrasonic sensors integrated into the bumpers, the front and rear acoustic and visual parking system assists the driver with entering and exiting parking spaces and with manoeuvring. Based on the steering angle and direction of travel, the distance to detected objects is shown in a selective, optical display on the MMI screen. Obstacles detected outside the driving path are shown as a white segment. Red segments represent obstacles in the driving path. A virtual driving path display additionally provides guidelines at the sides, which are calculated in advance based on the current steering angle. Activated by selecting reverse gear, via a button on the centre console or automatically as soon as the distance to a detected object is less than approximately 90 cm. Automatic activation can be enabled and disabled.

Adaptive cruise control with speed limiter
Within system limits, adaptive cruise control detects vehicles ahead with the aid of a radar sensor and keeps the set speed and distance to the vehicle in front largely constant within the control range. The speed range within which the system is available is between 0 mph and the top speed. The control range starts at 19mph. In stop-and-go traffic, vehicles can brake to a standstill and start up again automatically. The system is operated by means of a separate steering column stalk. The distance can be adjusted in five stages; the system’s dynamics can be adjusted via Audi drive select or the menu. Above approx. 19mph, the adjustable speed limiter helps the vehicle stay within a previously set maximum speed when driving through built-up areas. The vehicle is slowed gently when the set limit is reached. The driver can operate the accelerator pedal up to the kickdown point without the vehicle accelerating beyond the set speed. The speed limiter can be overridden at any time by kickdown, e.g. for an overtaking manoeuvre, until the vehicle speed drops below the set maximum speed again. Restricting the vehicle speed to a required limit (including active brake intervention) can enhance both driving comfort and driving safety. The set maximum speed and the system status are displayed in the digital instrument cluster. In conjunction with camera-based traffic sign recognition, the speed limiter can automatically set the detected speed limit as the maximum speed if so required.

SONOS Premium Sound System
The SONOS Premium Sound System transforms the Audi Q4 e-tron into a concert hall. Music becomes an unforgettable experience thanks to 10 harmoniously coordinated high-performance loudspeakers, including centre speaker and subwoofer. The Audi Sound Cube combines the latest algorithms for this. So every occupant can enjoy a tailored sound experience. The Fraunhofer Sonamic Panorama algorithm produces a virtual surround sound that makes you feel like you are standing on the stage with the band. To make the music experience even more intensive, the sound booster increases the output of the internal amplifier to 580 watts. The brilliant reproduction of high and low tones together with the rich bass can be experienced in their full intensity.

Vehicle driver assistance and safety systems are not a substitute for attentive driving. Drivers retain full responsibility for providing the necessary inputs for safe control of the vehicle. System descriptions are provided for information purposes only. System limitations and operational requirements apply. See manual for details.

Having a quick look, a lease on the Q4 40 S Line with C+S Pack is £936 on a 1+23 (12k miles)
So pricing is good considering Insurance and Mileage

Just have to be a lot of convincing for me to put 1k a month down

The Family on the other hand is a good choice now, I have the Kona Ultimate and booked a Life, will consider a swap to the Family when they come available for extra toys :slight_smile:

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I would love to get the Q4, but the 40 seems too sluggish. Would snap the 50 up though!

Nice to see you on the Community @Rob_at_Onto and thanks for the info. :older_man:


I want an id3 but my postcode is woeful for delivery please can someone help @Carol can you help pretty please I want to come back but delivery dates etc have proved challenging

I thought Audi were using Bose. Sonos will be interesting, i hope it is better than the Sonos stuff I have in my house, that is very average in HiFi terms.

Sure this information will come out soon enough, but do we know if the Audi Q4 will be for ages 30+ only?

@Kevcasey its not about your location we have no availability of these vehicles, if a customer cancels a booking then one may come available,

I cancelled ‘mine’ a few hours ago - so keep your eyes peeled folks.

What you going to get instead

The Family version - subject to being able to secure one ok.

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This app is pretty slick - includes an AR model of the ID.3

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@BillN I’m thinking of doing the same but I’ve paid for the delivery and I’ve still got a free delivery up my sleeve due to the 2500 points. I’m thinking keep the Life til they announce the Family then swap to the family. Although I’m not due the life til 3rd Aug. So we will see if they announce it before Then.


To be honest, keeping the e208 for a while longer suits us for now - at least until we are maybe able to travel to Europe sometime later in the summer….which might be even later now there’s this nonsense about some of the vaccine jabs maybe not counting. Also, I sort of feel like I’d rather not have the Life first as I’d sort of rather go straight into the nicer version.