ID.3 Family and Q4 e-tron confirmed

After the recent newsletter, it looks like we’re most likely getting these cars soon. What are everyone’s hopes? Who’s interested? Who’s not?

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Bigger than we need but will be good to see yet more choice :+1:

All over either tbh, guesstimate pricing has to be around 7-900 depending on spec though
Gonna be pricey

The Q4 could be awesome. I’d love to go luxe for a few months but can’t quite justify the i-Pace or current e-Tron, but one a little bit cheaper could be nice.

Hopefully it’s the 40 or 50 Quattro though (not the 35) as the smaller battery would probably only have the real world range of the Pug et al.

Aside from the ID.4 though not sure where else they can go with VW? More stock/different model of the ID.3 perhaps?


Agreed about the price. I don’t think I’ll be getting either. I have to set a limit somewhere but I’ll definitely be interested to see where they slot in price wise.

Definitely a Q4 !!!


And ID3 Family


Ooh that’s interesting.

I wonder how much more the family will be.

Lol - good spot!


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ID3 Family - now we’re talking. How much more than the Life do we reckon?

£20 more I’d pay - not more.

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Good sleuthing @KineticHaze!
I’ve signed up for both notifications (as I’m sure most of us will).


Out of interest…how did you see that @KineticHaze? Was it just automatically visible on a browser in Android or did you do some trickery to reveal that?

Tbf - the pictures are pretty big clues too. The VW is an ID.3 and the Audi is a Q4.

It’s in the page title.
Hidden by default on iOS but visible if you switch tabs


Oh yeah! :face_with_monocle: :nerd_face:

I wish they would just say now what the family price will be and when it will become available.

Could then cancel the Life, let someone else (who doesn’t care about the family features, wants to reduce cost etc) have the Life, and instead keep the e208 for a few more weeks(?) until the family is available.


I was thinking the exact same thing @BillN No point in paying double swap fees

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Just thought, it could be a curve ball and be just a “pro” model with steel wheels. In that case, I’d stick with the Life pro performance.


In Chrome on Android it was just plainly visible !!

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Yeah - good point!

VW really made the ID.3 range a confusing mess (changing for the next model year though I believe)


Same, I got lucky and managed to arrange a swap into the ID3 Life in late July, but given the option, I’ll take the higher spec. Eagerly awaiting pricing and dates, hopefully before the Life arrives, but if needed I’ll swap when possible.

Question though, given the min contract is for a month, does that allow for swaps within that month?

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