ID.3 Emergency Charging Only

My ID.3 just arrived, all driving nicely.

I don’t yet have a home charger, so as with the Peugeot, I’d planned to top up charge with the granny charger. Has anyone else tried their supplied granny charger with the ID.3?

I’m getting the error “Only emergency charging currently possible” on the display after a few seconds. Anyone know what this means?

Try here:

Sounds like it may have the reduced AC current enabled in the charge screen

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Have you tried unplugging and starting again ?

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Reduced current isn’t enabled, and tried a few times. The cable locks in correctly.

It’s charging, but seems a lot slower than the Pug did, could be the increased battery size that’s effecting my perception.

Sounds like the error might mean it’s only charging at 1kW.

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Yeah, says 14 hours from 70% to 100% :cry:

Anyone else got a ID.3 and a granny charger can plug in and see if they get the same error?

Does it say how many mph charging you are getting on the dash?

Maybe nip to the nearest destination charger and check if that works?

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Right, I’ve just got back out. Tried plugging in a few times, but on the last time I gave it a more aggressive wiggle. That seems to have done the trick, now says 7 hours to fully charge which would be more inline with what I’d expect.

Thanks, panic over… I’ll keep an eye on it next time I plug it in.