ID.3 Electric Drive Not working correctly please visit workshop!

Hi All,

Got this warning today:

I have seen in other forums that the issues seem to range from this only cropping up once and going away to the entire drive failing, car not moving, gear selector going and park brake failing. This just came up - no change to the car it kept driving and was fine and guide says this is a warning.

I suspect the more extreme versions were due to a host of things going wrong on early models looking at posts elsewhere.

Will let it sit for a bit for now and see if it clears. If not, or if it reoccurs then of course will get it booked in. I know others have had various dash errors so just thought I would throw this out there. Will update either way.


It happened to mine and then disappeared later in day think it’s a software issue

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thanks a mill.

Same here - turned off and on and its all good. My other half was driving today and I drove it yesterday so it probably is wondering where all the right foot has gone!


As it happens I did go and visit my shed/workshop and then the fault cleared - since it didn’t specify which workshop, perhaps the ID.3 just knew… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I got an 'ABS Error" visit work shop on the E-2008 the other day. It even set my sat nav to a local dealer.

Got out the car. Locked it. Went for Starbucks while it charged,. Went back, turned it back on and by some kind of miracle it had gone. Wow look how good that is… zzz zzz zzz

These car software engineers are so clever … :crazy_face:


Hi all, my VW ID3 has developed the fault, “Electric Drive Not Working Correctly, Please visit Workshop”. This occured yesterday after a 45 mile trip through heavy rain and a 40% top up at an Instavolt charger in Ilkely. Not reset today and have logged the issue with Onto in the hope it is a faulty software issue and a reset can resolve thereby avoiding a wasted journey to a dealership. Still appears to drive ok but limiting journeys until an outcome. Any advice appreciated.

sorry I can’t help much - we got this but after sitting for a couple of hours it cleared itself never to return. sounds like you have done the right thing, you can always call driveline and they will send out VW Assist or equivalent as well I think can potentially clear the fault and see if it reoccurs - although that may depend on if onto have left the canbus port accessible too or if the box is using it up. I seem to remember on my id.3 same as the i3, the port has been scavenged by the onto equipment - still not sure why they don’t use a splitter so the normal port can be left in place…


Just had the same today. My wife walked home from the shops as she couldn’t get it to start.

She said she tried turning off, back on, locking, unlocking etc… It just started rolling backwards in drive for her. She showed me a photo with this same warning.

I went to the car 30 minutes later and it worked first time, no signs of any warnings. :slight_smile:

Hopefully it’s a one off and not the start of any other issues.

I had mine do it a few times as well but it always seemed to fix itself after a while. It’s just a part of the VW experience :slight_smile:

It was an amusing juxtaposition of being a fairly reliable car whilst, at the same time, leaving me constantly on the edge of my seat!

See if you can get it booked in for the latest software updates which may fix some of these gremlins.

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Hi @fraserh,

I’m sorry to hear of the issue, but glad it resolved itself fairly quickly, I hope it didn’t impact your wife’s plans too much.

As someone who’s experienced it myself, I can appreciate it’s a bit of a worry.

As far as I recall, the issue with this error was indeed down to a software problem. I would advise popping into the infotainment and checking to see what version your car currently has installed. Updates up until 3.0 should be processable as an OTA update, but VW may have changed it to be either delearship only, or require you to set up the WeConnectID app (nice and simple set up there, and totally free)

If you’re on software version 2.4 already, the issue could be more in depth, and a call to our Driverline would be the best way forwards!


I had similar with a Zoe, I should probably carry a 10mm spanner to isolate the 12v battery to reboot the car when things like this happens.

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Thanks, I’m on version 2.3 at the moment but its not showing any updates available.
Is there another version between 2.3 and 3.0? I heard 3.0 was supposed to be rolling out from Spring.

Hi @fraserh,

My apologies, I got the OS version wrong, it’s 2.3 currently, so you should be all up to date. In this case, I’d definitely suggest you going to Driverline if the pronblem persists.

2.4 is due to release, but my understanding is that it needs a dealership visit to install, so you may come out of this with an even better OS! 3.0 should be by the end of year if the progress reviews on 3.1 are to be believed!