ID.3 Creaky Roof

Ever since I got my ID.3 Family in December I’ve noticed the occasional creaking noise coming from the roof and/or roof lining. Sometimes it’s when driving along a country lane, but it also happens a lot when reversing slowly on full lock.

It’s not particularly intrusive and, if the radio is on, I don’t tend to notice it.

But as the car was going to VW for a software upgrade this week I thought I’d mention the noise to them in case it was a known thing or a precursor to something breaking.

When I picked it up today they told me that as soon as they put my VIN into the computer it told them my car was one of the ones affected by a known issue and that the fix is to apply some lubrication to the sunroof blind. Basically, it’s a problem that affects a whole load of ID.3s, but not one that is deemed serious enough to issue a recall for. So they just apply the fix as and when a car comes in for something else.

I’ve not had a chance to check yet if what they’ve done has fixed the noise, but thought I’d post this here in case anyone else now or in the future experiences the same problem.



Remember the VW ad from a few years ago with a couple driving across a dessert-type landscape? Old-timer at “gas station” eventually applies drop of oil to sleeping passenger’s earring…. :man_shrugging:t2::crazy_face: